What is a red thread and should we have one?

The concept of the 'red thread' can be traced back to Greek mythology: Theseus found his way through the Minotaur’s labyrinth by following Ariadne’s red thread. It symbolizes a puzzle-solving process, applying simple logic to reach a desired conclusion. The only alternative to this is trial and error - spending lots of time and money, trying this and that, to remove errors for the benefit of future trials.

By developing your individual 'red thread', or in other words, a unique plan with it’s own compass, we’ll have created the guide and path for your present and future marketing communications. It acts as a constant and creative reference for your brand identity, associated values and visual language that create conversations with your audience and sets you apart from your competitors.


So, what sets us apart?

We are an unashamedly small but very experienced team of creative designers and developers with expertise in both traditional and digital platforms. We know how and why a successful business has a unique and illuminating 'red thread' coursing through everything they do.

Your 'red thread' will become your intangible asset. The perception your audience have of your business through multiple touchpoints. It influences their choice, which ultimately impacts on your business success.

Partnering us you’ll get

  • A strategic partner
  • Intelligent, informed creativity
  • Innovative, powerful communications
  • Full, in-house creative services
  • Access to our extended team of experts

Yet we’ll never dictate or state that “we know best – just do what we say”. We much prefer the collaborative platform that all our clients enjoy -

let’s get together and create something special.

If you’re visible to your customers, your perceived value is already being created, whether you like it or not.