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Woodman Brothers

Having successfully delivered various marketing projects for Woodman Brothers & Sons Ltd since 2008, it was no surprise that Red Thread Creative was called in for brand development, which would become the company’s most important identity challenges since it was formed by outgoing Director, Ken Woodman in the late seventies.

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Woodman Brothers & Sons Ltd were to become Woodman Brothers Ltd and new Managing Director, Clayton Woodman immediately identified what a great opportunity this was in terms of how the new company should be perceived. "We needed to show the industry that Woodman Brothers Ltd would be at the forefront of industry innovation and as had been the case for decades, still deliver the highest quality workmanship in any area of construction facades."

The Brand Development Challenge

Managing Director of Red Thread Creative, Dennis Hatcher, commented “the previous company brand identity of Woodman Brothers & Sons Ltd was that of a reliable, hard-working, family-run business. A decades-old company that historically relied on traditional, solid, ongoing business relationships with an existing client roster. For them, quality of previous work, going the extra mile and word of mouth had been the tools for securing current and future business. Quite rightly their brand had simply been their reliability, loyalty, and trust without any real need to compete for work or ‘sell’ their services. Beginning the new brand development identity for the new company meant we needed to encapsulate those solid, traditional values yet also compete in a modern business environment.

Brand Development Old Woodman Brothers logo - ©2017 Read Thread Creative

Red Thread Creative immediately understood what we wanted to achieve with our new brand identity


Dennis Hatcher pointed out, "a re-branding was needed that would achieve some basic objectives. Firstly, that the essence and traditional values of the old company were still alive and kicking in the new one. Secondly, that the new company would now also be perceived within their industry as more innovative and forward-thinking, able to deliver the benefits of modern methods and materials. Subsequently, the brand development would need to be more dynamic, carry more impact and be more visible in order to deliver Woodman Brother's new identity." The most important element everyone agreed on was that the re-branding needed to achieve greater recognition from the businesses' customers and more importantly attract new clients and bigger business contracts.


Since 2013, having released their new brand identity to the market, Woodman Brothers Ltd has gone from strength to strength, securing more modern, improved premises, significantly increasing their skilled workforce and trainees, together with securing increased and bigger contracts.


As Clayton Woodman concludes, “Red Thread Creative immediately understood what we wanted to achieve with our new brand identity. This has now significantly impacted on both our external and internal marketing, with the resultant recent months seeing an unprecedented number of new contracts secured by Woodman Brothers Ltd from some of the most recognisable companies in our industry such as Barratt Homes, Persimmon Homes, Balfour Beatty, Willmott Dixon and Kier to name just a few. A definite upward swing in orders after facing our ‘phoenix from the ashes’ challenge, when re-forming the company as Woodman Brothers Ltd”.

We can conclude that this is truly a successful brand development that we are very proud of.