Marketing communications for global technology businesses

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When a new business or product enters the vast global technology market, the marketing communication objectives usually focus on being first to market in order to capture as much audience uptake and loyalty early on. However, with more hi-tech companies developing innovative, emerging system solutions for a wider range of domestic, industrial and even governmental…

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Developing a unique brand identity.

SSS logo brand identity development

After our recent blog on how to create a defining and unique brand identity we were approached by a client in a very niche business field, with a very particular set of constraints, to help them develop their brand from scratch. Although this enterprise had sat under the protective umbrella of a large local authority…

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Solutions for creating a great Brand Identity

Brand Identity-and-how-to-get-a-good-one-featured image

Brand Identity and how do I go about getting one? Why not start by asking yourself how much importance you place on brand identity. As a business considering a brand identity or brand development, it is important to ask the question – why you want to invest in it in the first place? Also, how much…

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