B2B Customer Video Testimonials

Turning video testimonial to print

Business-to-business, customer video testimonials are like gold mines Client testimonials or B2B customer video testimonials, recorded on video are an unbelievably powerful, evidence-based tool to help any potential customers understand the benefits of doing business with your company as they progress along their decision journey. Just think, an existing client has consented to give some…

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Solving a long-standing “how-to-find-us” issue using Video Production

Video Production to Guide Visiting Customers

The client challenge With a successful and historical business dating back to 1936, Davan Caravans & Motorhomes of Weston-super-Mare have been a local landmark for decades. However, with tourism being a main revenue stream for local businesses and a focus on land acquisition for new housing, the need for a dual carriageway arterial route in…

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