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Meeting the challenge of very urgent marcoms support for Danbury Campervans Clients can sometimes be faced with sourcing urgent marcoms support as they very often forget essential marcoms collateral for customer-facing events. With exhibition bookings, confirmations, logistics etc all competing for attention, it then becomes an immense challenge for them to secure creative agency assistance with the little time that remains. As creative marcoms agencies go, Red Thread Creative would rather pack up and go home than back down from such seemingly impossible client challenges. Watching clients pulling their hair out over what appears to be insufficient time for even the barest of printed event material, requiring photography, copywriting, creative graphic design and short-notice production, is something that no-one should ever experience. Not a pretty sight. Luckily, Danbury Campervans had made a decision some months ago to secure the services of Red Thread Creative, a creative marcoms agency in Bristol that has over 11 years experience in dealing with such dilemmas in a quiet, calm and purposeful manner that quite simply gets the job done. This most recent client crisis centred around their attendance at the largest UK exhibition for their industry, at the Birmingham NEC. At this event they would be competing for audience attention with all of their UK competitors, together with launching new products to their target demographic and industry media. Although they had prepared their products (high-quality campervans) and planned their exhibition space really well, they had simply lost sight of the need to maximise their week-long attendance with sales literature, large format displays and customer hand-outs. Having received the client phone call, “could we possibly take an urgent brief”, a meeting was called within 24 hours to establish what marcoms materials were needed and what assets were at our disposal. At the end of the emergency meeting, the blank, apologetic but hopeful expression on the Danbury team’s faces said it all. What they hadn’t appreciated however, is that we’ve never let a client down yet and didn’t intend for it to start then. We quickly got to work on simple, effective, exhibition graphic design solutions that would deliver consistency of visual message and maximise the time available. As a long-standing creative marcoms agency in Bristol we were also able to use our many industry contacts to quickly source the suppliers that we needed for super-fast production turnarounds. Okay, so not everything went to plan. When clients are rushed, mistakes happen. That’s when the value of a truly supportive creative marcoms agency in Bristol is discovered. Yes, we could have saved ourselves a few headaches and simply said, “Ah well, never mind, we’ll just have to go without that one”, but that is simply not in our nature. Digital options, last-minute couriers, you name it, there is always a solution. We can sometimes be our worst enemy by meeting such incredibly tight deadlines, as clients often think, well, if you’ve done it once, you can do it again, and there-in lies the conundrum. Whilst any other creative marcoms agency in Bristol will attempt to justify being unable to deliver high-quality marcoms due to such short timeframes, Red Thread Creative will always rise to the challenge. So, if your business is ever in need of urgent marcoms support that simply defies the possibility of being produced in time, give us a call on 0117 9074651 or complete the web enquiry form, you’ll be really glad you did.

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