When seeking a brand identity, it's worth remembering that it will be the outward expression of your business as a brand and is often the first opportunity for you to make an impact. It therefore needs to represent how your business identifies itself and how you want it to be perceived. Importantly, it will become the foundation and bond for all future interaction with your audience.

We create brand identities that are distinctive and personal, enabling a business to take ownership of it as their unique corporate image. It will undoubtedly influence the design of marketing collateral, meaning considerable sums will be spent reproducing it, so we recognise the importance of getting it right first time.

Logo design for At Your Service
Sterlnig windows and Behind the Bikeshed logo design
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At Red Thread Creative we know what it takes to create a successful brand identity that resonates with its audience and underpins future marketing communications. For us, it's crucial to identify what makes a business tick and establish the criteria for successful design early on. We'll then commit it to a bible, a set of rules and corporate guidelines that ensures consistency on any platform.

Logo design for At Your Service

If you'd like to take the first steps towards creating a successful brand identity, a good place to start is discussing how much importance you place on having a distinctive and unique identity in the first place.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and then show you what we deliver.