Developing a completely bespoke CMS within web design

Custom website CMS page template

Firstly, what is a CMS?

CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’. Whilst there are many website platforms out there that incorporate a standardised CMS, we have consistently worked with just one of them, WordPress.

A typical WordPress website comes pre-packaged with some very useful content-management modules, including a media library, where you can upload and store all of your media, a blogging function that lets you publish and write your own articles to display on your website and the ability to create and publish new website pages. It is mainly for these reasons that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms available.

Red Thread Creative’s website development team have the expertise to expand on these CMS options within WordPress, providing customised areas that will enable client-specific management of content, for example; a new range of products that also includes customisable options, or a new series of books from various authors. Whatever is needed really.

Take back control of your website.

When first launched, most people immediately fall in love with their new, shiny, professionally developed, bespoke website and after a short period of time performing online, realise that they need a little more control of the website’s content. Making regular updates to your website through the developer can begin to add up in extra costs every month, yet there are many website owners that would rather do just that and hand those tasks of updating content over to us. Here at Red Thread Creative we are more than happy to manage your website for you using the WordPress CMS. We will publish articles, change page content and update imagery, without any fuss and most likely a lot faster that a client can do it. We can also restore any changes that are no longer required by reverting the website back to a previous time.

WordPress CMS for the more ambitious

Then there’s the more ambitious client, who’ve already decided that they’d like to manage their website on their own as much as possible. This would usually mean developing a completely bespoke CMS solution. With a bespoke CMS, our client is able to change any live content on their website, replace out of date images, update callouts/call to actions, post new articles, update contact info, and in the case of some of our recent E-Commerce projects, clients can add completely customisable content for their online customers that fits a specific product or service.

Whether you’re a book publisher, car dealership or selling handmade cakes, there are times when a bespoke CMS is vitally important. With the right planning and a definitive, clear goal, we can develop pretty much anything you can think of. A recent request to provide a bespoke CMS for an online customisable kitchen construction company, saw us developing bespoke areas of the CMS so that the client could begin adding new kitchen ranges to display on the front end (customer facing) part of the website. The bespoke CMS then also enabled options to populate it with specific details and media. The client also wanted to include important features such as, whether the kitchen could be purchased with bespoke colour as a choice, as well as displaying available colour swatches, even getting down to presenting the changeable lead times for production and delivery.

We love WordPress website design

The reason we love website design that uses a bespoke CMS is that the content creation is tailor-made to meet the client’s requirements. This means that the process for publishing new content couldn’t be easier for the client. Typically, a client is able to click an ‘Add New’ button and then be presented with a uniquely developed but very simple page that they need to complete with their own content, such as title, description etc. Then they would upload images and add any other info or check boxes that apply. Then simply hit publish and just like magic the client has added more amazing content to their website with absolutely no fuss and without breaking anything or having to pay someone else to do it for them.

We have you covered for bespoke CMS and web design

Our web developers create all the templates that are needed to upload any new content so that the integrity of all page designs are protected. This can be anything from a holding page for available vehicles in stock, or a list of kitchen ranges, which then links to the individual products themselves. It’s a bit like building your very own digital brochure to your own unique requirements, that presents each product category which then links to all the products and any customisations within.

If you are in need of a website designed with these features in mind then we would love to get started with you on creating your next amazing website.

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