SSS logo brand identity development

After our recent blog on how to create a defining and unique brand identity we were approached by a client in a very niche business field, with a very particular set of constraints, to help them develop their brand from scratch. Although this enterprise had sat under the protective umbrella of a large local authority for many years, the new financial environment and obvious business benefits of this very niche offering were making a significant case for it to be regarded as a self-financing commercial enterprise.

SSS logo reversed brand identity design
SSS logo development brand identity design

With Red Thread Creative and the prospective client located on the M5 corridor, we made the short trip to Wellington, Somerset to see for ourselves what made this enterprise tick. We’ve always found that seeing a business in operation first hand is paramount when creating a brand that represents their unique personality and offering.

Somerset Scientific Services were considered experts in their field of environmental analysis and testing. Their services are UKAS accredited and they had already established a considerable customer base. Yet like any business with competition, they were seeking an identity that would differentiate them as the ‘authority’ in their field and would also elevate them as a business, employing scientists with industry-leading knowledge and expertise.

The fact that they had survived for many years as an integral department within Somerset County Council had both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, expertise, confidence and trust were by-words for any resource closely linked to a government authority. However, the downside was the association with antiquated methods, unambitious offering and run-of-the-mill service.

After our initial visit, including a tour of the premises, discussions with company personnel and a back-to-school micro-tuition on science, we had developed the brief for a brand identity that would achieve a variety of objectives:

  1. Somerset Scientific Services was a business offering based on ‘trusted’ science
  2. The service offered a high level of scientific knowledge and expertise

Clients seeking environmental analysis would receive a modern, cutting-edge, professional and reliable service that out-performed the competition.

SSS logo brand identity development
Brand Identity logo development

At Red Thread Creative we have developed a brand identity creative process whereby the client is closely involved and can monitor progress across various stages of development. We have always recognised that although the creative decisions will always come from us, the client must be able to take ownership of their new brand and be forthright in it’s stewardship if it is to succeed. This is achieved by creating a solution that reflects the client’s unique personality and what the business stands for.

One thing we will never do at Red Thread Creative, especially when developing a client’s brand/business identity, is dictate. We can never achieve the knowledge that the client has about their business or their offering and so we don’t even try. Instead, it is critical that we develop an identity reflecting how the business and those that make it work sees itself. It must also instil confidence, becoming the starting point for interaction with it’s audience and in the case of a scientific services business, it must stand for accuracy and trust.