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Linela Shop

Linela is a family run embroidery business that also specialises in print and promotional materials. LInela pride themselves on the quality of their products, services and getting to know and understand their customer’s needs. Linela Embroidery came to us with a serious issue relating to their existing website, developed a few years back by another team, that they were simply unable to update or administer. The developer that had built their website had quit and the design company they had employed could not work with what was left behind.

In the end Linela had to contend with starting over again, but this time, with a platform that would be updatable for many years into the future and also allow them access to a very user-friendly, easy-to-operate, content management system (CMS).

Linela Shop logo

The online shop challenge.

Linela Embroidery needed a platform to not only sell their products online to the general public, they also required easy content management with a stable and secure method to add new business clients (schools and clubs) to the website, each with their own individual stores.

Given that Linela Embroidery had an existing brand identity and online presence and that this venture would be a departure from their current business model, it was decided that a unique brand identity for the new online shop would also be needed. Red Thread Creative began with the development of the Linela Shop identity, a visual adjustment to the existing Linela brand, providing existing customers with a continuation of their existing relationship and also a launch platform for the new e-commerce website.


The new Linela Shop brand identity was created and agreed at an early stage and we then looked at how Linela needed to present themselves to their new and existing online audience. Initial designs for the website were bold and friendly and used existing Linela colours. User experience (UX), specifically how the website would work on mobile devices helped direct the page designs.

Fulfilling the online shop brief in time and on-budget.

An important criteria of the brief was the need for speed. Not only did Linela desperately need a better platform for clients to purchase Linela products online, the new online shop needed to be completed in a very short timeframe.

As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge to give Red Thread Creative, the existing product photography was deemed to be inferior-quality to competitor e-commerce websites and therefore every single item would need to be re-photographed to highlight the superior quality of the garments on offer. As professional-quality photography is an in-house service provided by Red Thread Creative, the speedy schedule was maintained and the budget tightly-controlled.

Management of the photography began with listing all products by type and school. We systematically recorded the progress of the photo-shoot, labelling each individual digital image for future call-up. The entire shoot was completed in a day and a half not including the photographic post production.

School logos design.

Another important element of the new Linela Shop e-commerce design was to incorporate the various business clients. Sports clubs and school logos would provide the visual link to the individual clients’ product store pages.

Some elaborate logos needed to be adapted to create simple, single-colour line-only graphics. A challenge in itself where visual design consistency was key to customer navigation and user-experience.

With this in mind, we took a modular approach to handling the different areas of the website. After we completed the development of the CMS (Content Management System) it meant that new sectors like clubs could be easily added to the website, where both industry category and a specific client could be easily published on the website.

Results of completing Linela Shop.

Red Thread Creative created a stable ecommerce website that can be easily updated and has made shopping for Linela customers a breeze. Comments from customers on the new website’s design shows it has been well-received and user-experience have been very positive. Linela Shop have seen a steady increase in website customer registrations and sales.

Once we had provided a sandbox website for Linela to test-drive, they quickly realised what a huge improvement the professional photography had made.

Training on how to use the content management system was provided to the client who were then immediately able to add new products, pricing and shipping.