altu technology

Branding and marketing communications for new global technology business.

How we helped

  • Brand identity
  • Design for print
  • Website
  • Photoshop editing
Brochure design for Altu Technology small
Brochure design for Altu Technology.

As a newly formed technology provider, Altu were seeking to make an immediate impact in the UK and Middle East, having developed unique, hi-tech communication systems for security-conscious clients, ranging from covert operations agencies to governments.


Although they had over 25 years' experience from previous partnerships, the newly-created business firstly needed a brand to identity them globally as professional and trustworthy experts.

ALTU logo colour transparent
Altu Business Card 1_two_stacks
Altu Technology business card design.
Altu magazine mockup
Altu Technology product brochure design.
Brochure design for Altu Technology small
Brochure design for Altu Technology.
Altu Technology corporate folder design.

Marketing communication collateral would need to be developed with a high-level of commercial sensitivity and intellectual property protection in mind. The challenge was to inform buyers of the

highly secure benefits of the solutions without communicating any technical development details, thereby risking systems security and significant client investment.

Altu audio scrambler before
Prototype photography prior to Photoshop.
Altu audio scrambler after
Prototype photography after Photoshop.

"Red Thread Creative were immediately able to interpret the complex and sophisticated nature of our products. Working from scratch, they created very professional marketing communications within a new brand that resonated a high level of expertise".

Yusuf Baltaci, Director