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Website build and development for commercial energy management provider.

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Formed in 2008, Bems Energy provide businesses with energy management solutions to reduce costs by reducing consumption and help them obtain energy performance accreditation by reducing their carbon footprint.

Like many businesses with years of success and a solid reputation, having a modern, responsive, high-performing website, had not been terribly important. Their existing website had performed to simply provide an online presence, with references to services and contact details.

BEMS Energy energy management and inspection

However, being a very dated construction, this wasn't meeting the responsive criteria for modern devices, web browsers or protocols and was either performing slowly or beginning to break, depending on how it was being viewed.

Bems Energy set Red Thread Creative the task to create a unique, content-managed website that was designed and optimized to perform responsively on modern devices and developed to compete for search engine keywords and phrases.

BEMS Energy responsive website design.
BEMS Energy tablet web design.

Guidance and support on content and imagery was key to the project's success. Although efforts had been made by the Directors to take good photos of service example projects and installations, we quickly established a consensus on what was usable in terms of image quality/content and what was now needed. With time and budget constraints, royalty-free photo libraries became a valuable resource.

Text was mainly provided by client and only minor edits were required. It was then simply a case of making the content work with a unique design to achieve the goals. The new website creates a very professional online presence that reflects the company's business reputation and is also an efficient platform for customer enquiries and contact.

energy management solutions
BEMS Energy photography.

"The support and expertise we have received from Red Thread Creative has been second to none."

James Brookson - Director - BEMS Energy