Heritage Audi

Advertising campaigns for 'premium' brand car dealership.

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Being slightly off the beaten track, the Heritage Audi dealership had a significant issue with local awareness. As a very affluent city, Salisbury's population were well within Audi's target demographic, yet their competitors, Jaguar and Mercedes, had an advantage with far more visible, glass-fronted, high street premises.

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As a "working agency", it was Red Thread Creative's responsibility to ensure that "lead agency" marketing collateral was utilised for numerous marketing activities. At the same time, Heritage Audi had to consider their local market and what appealed to them, in order to compete with local rivals.

A very interesting Red Thread discovery was that Audi's local demographic had significant interests in sporting pursuits, catered for by many local enthusiasts' clubs. Sporting achievement and staying at the top of their game was the link with Audi's aspirational brand values.

Audi dealership magazine advertising
Audi dealership magazine advertising.
Audi dealership press advertising.
Audi dealership press advertising.

The solution was discovering what made their audience tick. For the Audi brand it is essential to drive sales through consistent, above-the-line national campaigns but local dealerships also need to consider their local audience and how to connect with them.

Audi dealership large format poster.
Audi brand photography.

"We gained a well-considered communication plan that significantly increased local awareness."

Laurie Baker, Dealership Principal