Somerset County Council

Print and media campaigns for public awareness, schools and social care.

How we helped

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Having been awarded 'preferred supplier' status, Red Thread Creative enjoyed many years supporting various County Council departmental teams from School Admissions, Child Social Care and Somerset Road Safety. Throughout the countless marketing communication projects, the goal remained the same; to inform, educate and effect measurable results.

Somerset LIfestyle photography agency 1

Considering the very diverse Somerset population, many audience awareness projects needed to reach and influence a range of demographics, including traditionally hard-to-reach groups such as young drivers and ethnic minorities.

driver zone_2
Somerset Road Safety Be Seen Campaign Citylight_poster
Pedestrian road safety campaign poster.
Young Drivers promotional literature design.
Young Drivers promotional literature design.

The challenge was to create messaging that resonated with vaious niche target groups, in order to achieve measurable responses. Targeted messaging for children needing effective road safety and young riders realising the consequences of speed were just some of the many campaigns.

Reaching such a large audience over a wide area and with budget constraints also a consideration, creative minds needed to get to work many times. This led to many memorable creative campaigns, using innovative platforms such as computer games, DVD's and SMS messaging.

Somerset CC Starting School BROCHURE MOCKUPS
Somerset schools information brochures.
Somerset County Council Winter Driving campaign
Road safety press advertising.

Occasionally dovetailing with national road safety campaigns, Bikeability, Pass-Plus and Speed Awareness, a vast array of creative marketing communications were successfully delivered, requiring a full range of media channels from press and radio to street-talk and bus advertising.

SRS Pass Plus mockup1 300 dpi_CROPPED
Targetted campaign for new drivers.

Outside of Somerset Road Safety's statutory responsibility to audit road traffic collisions, creative marketing communication campaigns were also designed to answer national government directives for meeting casualty reduction targets. These were set by various external government departments to be met within set timeframes, all of which would be monitored and measured by teams of analysts and statisticians.

Communication campaign successes that generated positive audience response and outcomes resulted in Red Thread Creative maintaining sole-provider status for many years.

Somerset Road Safety Signal campaign
Professional photography for cycle training.

Other departments within Somerset County Council also requested the same level of creative expertise for well-designed print and web materials, leading to ongoing, annual projects.

Somerset Road Safety Safe crossing campaign A-frame poster
Road safety education A-frame posters.
Road safety computer game development.
Road safety computer game development.

"As a road safety team it was imperative to get across important messages in a clear and concise way. The designs were always fresh and eye-catching (particularly important for a topic that most people would not find naturally stimulating) and formed a suite of materials that worked seamlessly together."

Richard Fairhurst, Principal Officer