Advertising on Google with responsive search campaigns

Here at Red Thread Creative we enjoy getting creative with Google advertising. We have the expertise and experience you need to ensure your online advertising performs well by reaching your target audience and directing that traffic to where it needs to go. We will also demonstrate the effectiveness of what Google Ads we create by tracking and reporting all activity that is generated, whether your business has a physical location or is online.

Why we use Responsive Search Ads

What are Responsive Search Ads I hear you cry… Well, we feel they are the best way to advertise on Google (there are many methods to creating ads on Google). With responsive search ads, we create multiple headlines and descriptions and Google combines them into ads. So, when people use Google to browse the internet, using search terms that you are actively marketing, they will not only see your ad, but over time will be presented with various versions of your ad, learning more about your offering and more likely therefore to take the next step. After completing the Responsive Search Ad we will introduce an Ad Group. Curious as to what Ad Groups are? Ad Groups are where we create lists of Keyword and Keyword phrases. These Keywords are carefully researched and chosen to meet a balance between popularity and cost. If you choose very popular Keywords, your budget will be exhausted a lot faster and your ads will most likely reach fewer people. target audience-crowd-indoors

The best way to reach your target audience

By using Google Analytics we can set up a link between your ad campaign and the analytics platform. This will help Google create specific lists of people that are already known to be interested in your business. Google achieves this by collecting data on the visitors to your website. Could there be a better-placed ad other than one which is shown to a person that would actually like to see it. location targeted advertising

Choose a specific location to advertise

If you are selling wind turbines, for example, you might do better advertising them to people that live on the west coast of England as opposed to say central London. This is exactly what we can do with your Google advertisements by displaying ads in specific cities that will generate more interest or by the region. There is also an option to set a geographic radius around a specific location/address. So, if you’d like to advertise a promotion within sixty miles of your business, no problem!

Choose your callout extensions wisely

A great feature of Google Ads is something called Extensions. There are many of them and they all have specific roles to play in encouraging your audience people to click on your ad. These callout extensions, connected to your ads will help with conversions; they can also help create consistency of message throughout your ad campaign. It is common practice to create multiple versions of your ads using a range of keywords and keyword phrases. This is where the extension can really help; using them to present some common details such as included benefits, price, phone number, and locations.

Looking at performance and data

Whilst your ads may perform well for you, the performance data also needs to be monitored. If you are running ads for a retail shop and you start by advertising 1000 products, sometimes the most popular ad, that you spend the most money on, will not always create the most sales. With the right data in hand you can decide if your budget will be better used for other products and we can adjust the product coverage accordingly.

Getting help with advertising on Google

Red Thread Creative is very experienced in constructing a specific, brand-focused, online advertising campaign for your business. Our team are really great at creating affordable, effective Google advertising campaigns that work just how you want them to. Brilliantly. If your company needs help with constructing meaningful and successful online campaigns with Google Ads, then look no further and get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you.
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