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Bristol design agency connecting in 2022

This Bristol design agency is definitely making the connection  

Operating a successful, creative design agency in Bristol like Red Thread without any real personal contact has helped us realise a simple truth. You no longer need in-person contact with your clients to satisfy their own customer objectives. That’s not to say two years of lockdowns and restrictions haven’t taught this Bristol design agency a thing or two. Quite the opposite. It’s helped us elaborate our clients’ customer-care on just about every digital platform available to ensure they stay connected.

Many businesses have traditionally used customer service as a strength for securing their customer base. Keeping customers happy generally ensures returning business over the years. It’s during tough times however, that the importance of maintaining close customer relationships really becomes evident. If personal customer contact should ever suddenly stop, businesses that have previously invested in building genuine relationships still have options. Recognising those options and putting them into action using a Bristol design agency has reaped significant rewards for many.

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A Bristol design agency challenging the effects of lockdown

Whilst many businesses have temporarily shut, or even thrown in the towel, others have taken our advice to keep communicating. We’ve held regular brainstorming and review meetings on Zoom to encourage our clients to maintain their familiarity with their customers. Regular e-news, social media activity, monthly offers, video demonstrations, to name just some, have all been utilised. Lockdowns have also challenged us to create some alternative customer interactions and many have had surprisingly positive outcomes.

We’ve also encouraged our clients to show their customers that they care about them as people. Social distancing has been tough on everyone and some have suffered mentally. We therefore created online activity so that customers would feel wanted with fun messages and photos. The bond is then strengthened by sending back a message to thank them for their contact and their loyalty. Another great device is a customer feedback form. It demonstrates that you care about customer opinion and that you’re continually looking to improve your service. It’s an excellent tool for strengthening customer relationships.

As a genuinely caring Bristol design agency, we’ve also had to ‘cuddle’ our own clients much more than ever before. We’ve needed to collaborate, to pull together more and really think about their customer experiences. The upshot has been many more opportunities for us to bond with them and lay good foundations for the future.

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Time to get creative

In the relationship-driven B2B world, lockdowns took away face-to-face meetings, grabbing a coffee or having informal chats. Simple, innocuous interactions that have always helped to establish and develop our business relationships. It’s therefore incredibly important to find alternative ways for client interaction to ensure you stay in-touch and front-of-mind. Staying familiar with your clients will maintain those connection habits that are just difficult to undo.

You could, for example, write a blog that answers your customer’s woes that will leave a lasting, positive impression. If you haven’t done so already, ask their opinion on how you’ve performed for them. You could go one step further and write a testimonial or even a case study based on that. In tough times, client engagement shouldn’t be just selling products or services but helping them feel cared for and connected.

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As a successful Bristol design agency we recommend that our B2B clients always provide a sense of authority and reassurance. Find relevant sponsorship opportunities or charitable causes that will demonstrate a positive participation in your clients’ lives. Positive actions will generally create potential opportunities during any adversity.

If you’re a retail business, then you have even greater need to engage with customers. People are experiencing lockdown boredom and are crying out for new experiences, something new to read or look at. Being stuck at home, spending all day staring at screens, listening to radio, reading magazines or watching TV. Unbelievable opportunities to get your message out there and compete. These are great opportunities for any business that is willing to be more relevant, to highlight the difference in their brand. Remember, if you don’t, your competitors will.

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A Bristol design agency that makes your website your lifeline

With so much more online activity, you’ll need a Bristol design agency that makes your website your lifeline. With so many more socially inactive audiences having so much more screen time, your opportunities have increased dramatically. Firstly though, you need to be findable online. Red Thread has a great SEO team that will propel your online presence up the Google page rankings. We also have experienced designers and developers that will make your presence both entertaining and interactive to ensure online success.

We also have in-house services that will deliver amazing content and a fabulous user experience. We’ll produce video that keep customers entertained and engaged. For our Ecommerce customers, we want to see their customers connecting again and again. We therefore deliver customer loyalty with simple and continual incentivises. Discount club memberships providing regular connection with weekly or monthly discount offers that keep customers returning.

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Are you looking for an experienced creative marketing team in 2022?

If you need a Bristol design agency to help you get your business in front of your audience, then please get in-touch. Simply complete our short online contact form or email Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have an informal chat, then please call 0117 9074651, we’d love to hear from you.

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