Red Thread Creative publishing a new website December 2021

Time to refocus with a new website

Today we launched our completely new website, the development of which has been through many twists and turns over the last few months. We have always considered continual, progressive website updating as an essential element for any developing business but for us, as a creative team, it became a bit more than that. The new website was the opportunity we needed to look both backwards and forwards, to crystallise exactly where we are today, the lessons learned and what needs to change to stimulate future growth.

Merchant Centre Google Ads campaign.

Achieve your goals

So, after many weeks of team discussion earlier in the year, with design and content proposals piling up in the waste basket, we naturally concluded that our new website needed a much more radical change of focus and message. The main purpose of any ‘business service’ website should be to make it simple for customers to decide whether that business will be the right provider to help them achieve their goals.

Bespoke mobile friendly web design.

Marketing challenges solved

That’s it isn’t it? Marketing communications that make your audience’s decision to do business with you, very easy. No fluff. No smoke and mirrors. Just simple, easy to remember, creative marketing communications that make sense to your audience and a logical decision for them to act. So, how do we go about communicating that? By taking the focus off ourselves and putting it squarely on our customers’ needs. We needed to communicate that we can solve their marketing challenges with creative marketing communications that make it easy for their audience to do business with them, supported by expertise and examples to demonstrate it.

AllPower marketing pack print design.

A new website for your business is your shop window

Now we just needed to construct it. Business services websites traditionally are what many of us refer to as online shop windows and by their very nature tend to focus primarily on the business offering, their expertise and experience. Competitor websites do much the same. Consequently, potential new customers seeking a standout ‘no-brainer’ can find online investigation a bit challenging and time-consuming. How many of us have browsed through all the websites on page one of our search results and by the end of it been none the wiser about what action we will take next?

Creative Design at Red Thread Creative
Creative design and brand identity.

Helping you make the right decision

The main reason why most prospective customers review websites is that they have a choice to make and they are simply seeking guidance in order to make the right decision. When creating a website it needs to show who you are and what you’re about. Blindly following what others are doing doesn’t help your audience at all.

Our previous website definitely fell into that “blindly following” category. It wasn’t communicating or representing Red Thread Creative and what makes us different in the slightest. Our expert team of web developers and content creators also understand that, if what you find on page one of Google is absolute drivel, you will probably try page two. Expecting new enquiries from businesses seeking a unique, creative, solution provider of marketing communications after browsing our previous website was increasingly becoming a major ask.

Professional product photography
Professional product photography.

Helping people make easy decisions

After researching our own competitors, we realised that we all speak the same language, say mostly the same things and although levels of expertise and experience differ, offer many of the same services. Yes, there are many competitors we simply can’t compete with if size and resources are the key criteria, but we believe that marketing communication is never about overshadowing others or shouting the loudest, it’s simply helping people make easy decisions. 

Video production shoot
Video production shoot.

Our new website makes it easy for you to do business with us

So, our new website has a new ‘business’ message – “make it easy for customers to do business with you”. When you devote time and resources into communicating with your audience, you want to achieve results. Therefore, show them that you clearly understand what they want in a way that makes sense to them and makes it an easy and logical decision for them to choose you over your competitors.

Hanham Hall office for Red Thread Creative
Hanham Hall office for Red Thread Creative.

Let’s make something great, get in touch

We would recommend that all our potential clients do this if their website hasn’t had much attention for a while. To take a step back, to see if what they’re communicating and what they’re expecting to happen makes perfectly logical sense to their audience. Then, please come and see us for an informal chat at our new office in Hanham, on the outskirts of Bristol to find out what we can do differently for you. We’re a pretty friendly, accommodating bunch and an informal chat costs nothing. It could even be the start of something very special. Alternatively, please get in-touch by calling 0117 9074651 or email us at

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