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Integrating Organic SEO


There are basically only two ways to improve your website’s search engine performance, either paid or organic. The paid-for method means paying Google for an Adwords campaign, or paying a company to run an Adwords campaign for you. Adwords can be expensive and can absorb as much money as you can throw at it without any maximum budget. The other method is ‘Organic’ and mostly uses your website’s content to target specific keywords and keyword phrases. However SEO should not be considered a one or the other service, we would suggest that both are used in conjunction. Take advantage of Adwords advertising monthly budget constraints and support your new content.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO also requires some investment but when performed correctly, preferably at the outset of a website construction, can achieve longer-lasting, page-ranking results. Organic SEO also delivers a residual performance that is on-going, which can then be improved and built on. We will always recommend organic SEO, building a strategy to deliver what search engines are looking for within the website structure.



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