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Danbury MotorCaravans

Danbury MotorCaravans of Bristol, have earned their distinguished reputation as the industry leader in campervan conversion through their many years of converting VW vans, including the iconic VW T2, together with award-winning vehicles from other major manufacturers such as Ford.

The Danbury brand is one of strength, innovation, and quality. This was not that evident however in any of their advertising campaigns or when competing in large exhibition halls such as the NEC in Birmingham.

Advertisement design for Danbury - ©2017 Read Thread Creative

We needed a creative marketing agency that could interpret our thoughts quickly

The Creative Marketing Challenge

Danbury’s Managing Director, Chris Jones was eager to set the record straight regarding the public perception of Danbury MotorCaravans. “We needed a creative marketing agency that could interpret our thoughts quickly and give us creative solutions to this challenge that we needed to overcome of Danbury being seen as just another campervan converter.” Chris was keen to emphasize, “we’ve been breaking new ground in this industry for decades. Our customers come to us because we lead the way with the integration of cutting-edge technology and innovations into our vehicles.”

The Solution

Red Thread Creative set to work on a visual style that had the potential to be adapted into a twelve-month marketing campaign.

As Managing Director, Dennis Hatcher explains, “when we returned from the initial meeting and put all the briefs on the table, it was clear that our newest client wanted to test the “creative” in the company name.


Advertisement design for Danbury - ©2017 Read Thread Creative


We had one of those briefings when not many solutions came to mind immediately. Not just “campervans as stress-relief medicine” but “the new T6 model release campervan in a baby blanket” or “finding the vehicle you wanted through internet dating” all required a consistent visual execution that not just answered each individual brief but also maintained a visual consistency for a potential twelve month national press campaign, large format exhibition graphics, point-of-sale, and print.”

As Dennis continues “when a new client gives you the opportunity to prove yourself creatively, you need to come up with the goods”.

Two teams of creatives were therefore set to work independently of each other to see what they could come up with. The result was two very different approaches, each with their own merits and each presented to the client for consideration.

Advertisement design for Danbury - ©2017 Read Thread Creative
Advertisement design for Danbury - ©2017 Read Thread Creative


“When they first presented the anticipation in the room was palpable” explained Simon Antill, General Manager, who had made the initial contact with Red Thread Creative. “We had no real expectations as Chris and I both knew this would test them”, remarked Simon.  Director, Chris Jones, made the final decision.


“Having asked for a creative agency to elevate our standing within the national media, I was so pleased with Red Thread Creative’s ‘outside the box’ approach; What we were presented with was completely unexpected, but it answered the brief brilliantly and I wasted no time in requesting the same creative approach to all our marketing materials for the whole year”.

Chris Jones concluded “this demonstrates not just how Red Thread Creative can come up with ‘winners’ when delivering creative solutions but how they manage to combine creative excellence with cost-effective adaptability, brand continuity, and recognition. This creative approach to our marketing is also being implemented on our recent ‘Campervan Of The Year’ award advertising, which has again proved an opportunity for Red Thread Creative to demonstrate it’s creative flair, and for Danbury Motorcaravans to showcase what makes them the biggest VW camper conversion company in the country”.