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B2B Customer Video Testimonials

Business-to-business, customer video testimonials are like gold mines

Client testimonials or B2B customer video testimonials, recorded on video are an unbelievably powerful, evidence-based tool to help any potential customers understand the benefits of doing business with your company as they progress along their decision journey.

Just think, an existing client has consented to give some of their valuable time to be recorded, endorsing your product or service by explaining how your offering has provided a valuable solution for their business. It’s pure gold dust for you and your prospects.

However, it takes expertise and experience to ensure that you take advantage of this content gold. Firstly, the finished video production needs to be high-quality and very polished to reflect the reputation of the company and its business offering. Secondly, the content, both video and audio, should be dissected and transcribed to create multiple edits and content drafts that, whilst staying 100% faithful to the client testimony, make the greatest impact across various marketing communication platforms.

Our experience is important

The team at Red Thread Creative have created dozens of successful customer video testimonials, in many countries around the globe and that level of experience and know-how can be crucial to the project’s success.

You can visually dress and flesh-out a testimonial video at leisure but when, for example, the CFO of a global corporation has consented to be recorded on camera for a mere 20 minutes, you have to get the testimony during this once-only opportunity and it has to be right in order for it to have any chance of pre-publication approval.

You then have your hands on some of the most valuable external and internal marketing content, that, when competing for engagement and leads, you’re ever likely to get.

Being thorough and getting things right first time

At Red Thread Creative, we know that as simple as it seems, it starts with a plan and taking all eventualities into consideration. Travel-time, weather conditions, or applying for a carnet when transporting expensive kit abroad (if you’ve ever been faced with having all your equipment confiscated at customs, you’ll know what we mean). So, we always have back-ups and alternatives. We also research local video equipment hire companies in the city we are travelling to, for example, just in-case.

Experience gained through many schoolboy errors over the years has also taught us some very valuable lessons. Climatic conditions, cultural differences and language barriers, are just the start. Obtaining pre-filming approvals, having patience and creating a relaxed, informal atmosphere for interviewees are absolutely key to creating credible and genuine customer video testimonies.

The final edit and recommendations for using it

Customer video testimonials will ideally conform to a proven structure – Introduction, customer problem, client solution, the benefits of the solution and a conclusion. For successful business-to-business productions, Red Thread Creative insists that the business benefits come through loud and clear.

In our experience, involving experienced copywriters at an early stage, provides many unforeseen benefits. Good writers have the ability to ask the right questions that quickly get to the heart of the solution’s business value and then produce great copy post-production, at whatever word length is needed to communicate it, highlighting concisely what the business benefits are and what they provide.

At Red Thread Creative we are also experienced in conforming to a client’s corporate visual guidelines by including client branding, captions and motion graphics that all contribute to an engaging video with high production values.

It is also worth mentioning why we recognise the importance of high-quality audio. We may have an amazing visual feast but it won’t count for anything if we end up with poor-quality sound. Visual elements can be tweaked during post-production but poor sound can’t be fixed and is a real turn-off. If the budget allows, we’ll ensure that we use high-quality sound recording equipment. Great audio really enhances a video.

Once sign-offs are received from all parties we can then put the production to good use. Distribution that supports a business strategy and as an integral platform within a multi-channel marketing plan will result in prospects progressing more swiftly through the sales funnel. Targeted online and social media channels require shorter edits of no more than 60 seconds, usually thirty, something that Red Thread Creative are experts at. Google is also making a lot of noise about short, sharp videos, maximum 30-seconds long, that create sufficient interest and a ‘flavour’ for an audience to act on.

In our experience and just as important, customer testimonials also create incredible internal marketing material as well. Client endorsements serve to elevate a business’s reputation to its staff and help breed a culture of success. Personnel at all levels are able to see how valuable their efforts are outside of their working environments. For large, multi-national companies, where their less talked-about departments can often feel isolated, the impact this can have on business is huge, really opening-up communication channels between individual departments.

Success stories also act as an aid to building client relationships and business development. When used for internal marketing, printed material such as “Success Stories” brochures, can be distributed to all business premises around the globe, supporting a success culture by bringing previously-isolated experts into a global, supportive community.

A lot of time and effort and goes into creating successful customer video testimonials, but they really are worth it.

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