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In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s great to know that creative design for print still holds a prominent place when it comes to marketing communications. Printed materials have a very unique, tactile structure that will never be replaced electronically. We are somehow able to connect more readily with print. It has a trust and honesty attached to it that makes it more valuable and is therefore able to make a more lasting impression. One of the reasons why business cards are still so popular.

Making the very best use of this communication platform, requires many years experience of working with it. Red Thread Creative has been creating well-designed and well-written printed communications for decades. Everything from brochures to mailshots, folders, hand-out leaflets and posters. Our creativity with print has delivered many innovative solutions to some very unique client challenges.

Creative design for print also has the ability to utilise a variety of substrates, with varying weights and textures of paper to card, plastics and fabrics. Different finishes, laminates, embossing and de-bossing all contribute to the endless design possibilities that print can offer.

Indeed, printing has come a very long way since Caxton spread black ink over metal type. At Red Thread Creative we’ve always kept pace with advancing print technology and work closely with our reliable stable of printers to deliver innovative and cost-effective printing for our clients. Graphic design and print have worked hand in hand for hundreds of years and Red Thread Creative continues to maintain that tradition with creative, perfectly targetted print solutions.

Today’s digital printing technology makes it possible to print smaller quantities much more economically than had previously been possible, with much shorter turn-around times. Gone are the days of cupboards stuffed with boxes of out-dated, obsolete material. We can now deliver quantities in the tens or hundreds as opposed to tens of thousands. Digital print makes no compromise on creative design for print, but it does make printed communications a more eco-friendly option.

We only use printers that have adopted a certified environmental policy and standards, using recyclable products wherever possible and carry an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. Chemical pollution has also become a serious environmental issue in recent years and our printers only use chemistry-free plate making technology and vegetable-based ink.

Check out our examples page for everything we have been involved in creative design for print. Or give us a call to discuss your next design for print project, we look forward to hearing from you.

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