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Product photography solutions can often help manufacturers seek to get ahead of their competitors and be first-to-market with new products and innovations, they are very often still only at concept stage by the time their creative marketing agency is brought in to discuss marketing communications.

Grand, exciting ideas and opportunities are discussed along with potential marketing communication platforms. At this point it becomes obvious that our client is desperate to gain a first-to-market advantage over their competitors, even when the product roll-out is in its infancy.

The challenge is then increased further as marketing communication collateral such as photography cannot be sourced because this latest, greatest development hasn’t yet been built, aside from maybe pilot-testing units.

We therefore find ourselves in a very ‘challenged’ but not uncommon situation where we need to create photographic imagery where no product actually exists. Yet, as a creative marketing communication agency, we are often asked to think ‘outside-the-box’ and find solutions through the creative development of very minimal assets at that time.

Creative challenges – Making something from nothing

A good case in point is a recently-launched voice security device created by a Communications Systems Design client. A small unit they had developed for securing mobile and landline conversations which was both secretive and prototype-only. Although this was only at design stage, marketing and sales collateral needed to display the final product in order to secure sales ahead of competitor developments. Clever use of photography and skillful photo-manipulation can work really well in instances such as this, as long as the retouching is seamless and looks completely life-like and natural. Another great example of the skillful photoshop artistry from Red Thread Creative can be seen when we were challenged by one of our clients to create a ‘concept’ advertisement for a leisure vehicle that had yet to be constructed, complete with colour changes. Final artwork publication deadlines were extremely tight, meaning we just had half a day to photograph a similar vehicle in the client showroom that would serve as our photoshop model. However, this left us no time to set up the correct lighting needed to avoid obtrusive and unsightly reflections from showroom tiled floors and surrounding structure.

We resolved this time-effectively by photographing the vehicle at the same angle in both daylight and with photo lights to give us what we needed to bring together all the best-lit vehicle parts digitally prior to extensive re-colouring and re-shading. Even though we had very little time, we knew we have to get this absolutely spot-on to create a life-like image that looked both amazing and credible for advertising in a glossy, high-quality, niche magazine.

If you have a product marketing or photographic challenge where there are minimal visual assets, contact Red Thread Creative to find out how we can deliver exceptional creative photography and photo-manipulation for you.

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