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Fast and affordable digital marketing. The complete package

At Red Thread Creative, we recommend that every business takes advantage of cost-effective digital marketing platforms that can be implemented, without the need for expensive Google Ads, quickly and effectively to maximise budget. We’ll help you succeed in this often complex and confusing arena by:

  1. Defining the goal of your online campaign
  2. Developing a clear, concise written message
  3. Creating a unique and inviting visual message
  4. Creating a Google campaign that meets Google ad criteria
  5. Publishing on websites
  6. Adapting the campaign for Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business)

Complete digital marketing solutions 

Within a ‘complete’ solution, first consideration should be given to blog post creation, linking to relevant areas of your website. Blog posts can be written quickly and easily, yet they perform an important Search Engine Optimisation role – to improve your business’s ranking position in Google. Creative, consistent visual styling is then repeated, cost-effectively, across all digital platforms.

Digital Marketing campaign blog post directly on your website

Digital marketing campaigns – website blog post list

Custom designed blog post lists can be created to suit any website.

Digital marketing featured blog posts list for your website

Digital marketing campaigns – Google My Business

At Red Thread Creative we provide complete digital marketing campaigns that include ‘affordable’ Google Advertising. Highly-effective online campaigns, without the need for expensive Google campaigns. These ‘affordable’ campaigns generate high volumes of website traffic and include calls to action such as phone calls leading to sales. Our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns also include published articles that link to social media and website landing pages. We then repeat these advertising messages using Google My Business and targeted digital media.

Digital marketing campaigns – Google Ads

When needed, Red Thread Creative are also experts in creating and managing Google Advertising campaigns within set budgets. We are experienced in developing headlines and content within Google constraints so that your Google Ads perform well and reach a wider audience. They will also have the added benefit of re-marketing products to visitors elsewhere on the internet.

digital marketing campaigns Google Ads campaigns to support website landing pages

An important feature of our digital marketing packages is a strong emphasis on creative messaging and visual communication. Red Thread Creative are experts at creating powerful written and visual content to produce effective digital marketing communications that can include videos, animations, graphics and banners.

If your business needs to communicate quickly and effectively online, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to put together a creative, affordable, digital marketing campaign for you.

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