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Marketing communication skills when making the best use of minimal visual assets

One of the most challenging situations for any creative advertising agency is when your client calls you to a meeting to discuss exploiting what they see as a gap in the market. They then inform the gathered execs that they are going to “follow their nose”, utterly convinced that this ground-breaking, market-opening new product, development or service, will somehow answer all the customer issues they have ever encountered. What could be simpler to advertise? Great. Please describe it? What does it look like? What will it cost? Where can I see it? Uuuuh…

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The same can be said when a client is desperate to gain a first-to-market advantage over their competitors, even when the product roll-out is in it’s infancy or marketing collateral such as photography cannot be sourced. Truth is, this latest, greatest development hasn’t yet been built, aside from maybe, pilot-testing units.

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Yet, as a ‘creative’ agency, we are often asked to think ‘outside-the-box’ or find solutions through the creative development of only minimal assets at that time.

These creative challenges are typical with manufacturing businesses where production lead times can be lengthy and shop floor tooling has first to be established. Considerable client investments simply serve to put more pressure on the need to establish sales enquiries prior to product launch.


A good case in point is the recently launched motor-caravan conversions on the new-to-market Ford Transit Custom base and the excitedly anticipated VW T6. Our client, Danbury Motorcaravans was very eager to be first-to-market with these conversions. Although manufacturing was yet to begin, lead times of around eight to ten weeks and base vehicle ordering, meant that creative advertising solutions were needed for pre-booked niche magazine placements within days.

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So, what assets did we have? Only what Ford and VW would reluctantly provide at that point.

  1. A series of VW T6 base vehicle action/location JPegs
  2. A single Ford Transit Custom Jpeg on a white background.

What could a creative advertising agency do with these? Well, as creative solution-finders, we needed to make best use of what little time we had available. Any additional photography would therefore be out of the question. Yet a basic requirement for any niche magazine advertisement is to show the finished product in all its glory, together with any client requests such as colour options. We set to work creating lifestyle concepts that allowed us to prove our visual flair and photoshop expertise to make the published image as close as possible to the finished product. Add a simple but juicy two-word caption, some creative branding and voila! Creative advertising solutions that put minimal visual assets to best use.

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If you have a product or business that has minimal visual assets, contact Red Thread Creative to find out how we can deliver exceptional creative advertising or marketing communications for you.

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