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Web Design for Online Shopping

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Website Design Bristol.

Website Design Bristol E-commerce for family run or independent retailers is usually managed by several online shopping platforms, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, however, our preferred one is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress and that is where we make our websites.

Website design for shopping online is our speciality.

Selling products or services online (known as e-commerce), can be a daunting prospect.

Let us take the stress out of organising everything from shipping costs to payment gateways and taxes.

Web design for online shops must also be user friendly, the more positive a user experience is, the better for business.

Also, as you may know, the number of people browsing the internet on mobile devices now exceeds those using desktops. This means it is important that your website works on mobile devices.

Not only should your website look good on a phone or tablet, it needs to follow specific guidelines that internet browsers set on your pages’ content. Luckily Red Thread Creative has your back when it comes to the latest trends and web requirements for web design.

Graphics for Website Design Bristol

Website Design Bristol - Graphic Design for websites - Home Category Grid for a local building supplies business.

There is a very good reason to come to us for your website design… Our in-house graphic designers have years of experience working in the advertising business, they know just how to engage with your target customer base.

Product entry, stock management and shipping for Website Design Bristol.

There are many elements to consider when starting or taking your shop online. These areas produce some of the first questions from prospective clients, read on to learn more how Red Thread Creative can help you to start selling products and services online.

How do I import products to my online shop?

One of the big questions a potential client will ask is how to we enter all of our products. Red Thread Creative web developers have the perfect solution for data entry. We make use of product information laid out in CSV files. This means we can enter large amounts of data very quickly.

How do I manage the stock levels on my online shop?

If you need stock management for your online shop our websites have an integrated stock management system, where you can enter product stock levels, notification levels and take advantage of automated updating.

Can we use specific shipping methods on the website?

Yes! Our eCommerce websites are able to work with all kind of shipping methods you may have. Whether you have flat rates or conditional shipping we can do it all. Choose to change shipping methods for different products, weights and quantities, offer express delivery, tracking or collection.

Shipping can also be linked with the Royal Mail service, check the Royal Mail 2017 prices (actually pretty good).

Payment gateways, discounts and membership levels for online shops

Payments Gateways icon for websites design bristol for online shops

The payment gateways for the websites we build for selling products and services online is quite diverse.

Some of these payment methods require you to have your own accounts with that service provider, we work with them and you to integrate those gateways and set them up correctly.

Website Design Bristol and Payment Gateways.

It would be rude of us to pick just one favourite payment gateway service over another, but if we had to, we would unquestionably choose the Stripe payment gateway. Why? I hear you ask, it is simple really, Stripe is free to integrate with our online shops and as far as we know, they also have the lowest transactions fees around.

Product Discounts and Memberships

Discounts preview Personal Protection Equipment WB Construction Supplies Limited website design Bristol

Everyone likes to get a shopping bargain and that is why we offer dynamic pricing for our clients.

If you have a customer you’d like to receive a 10% discount when they buy 5 items, no problem.

There are so many various ways to sell products and add discounts, we wouldn’t want to list everything here and risk losing you, basically if you can think of it we can make it happen.

Memberships is another powerful tool that helps to create various levels of pricing for your products, whether customers meet the requirements of loyalty programs or straight up apply for memberships, you’ll be able to track the performance of the shop with detailed statistics.

Woocommerce customer reports for ecommerce SEO Bristol
Woocommerce customer reports for e-commerce

WooCommerce expert help and Content Management System support is at hand in Bristol.

Part of the web design process for an online shop means that we must work closely with our clients.

Our websites are managed and supported, we also ensure that the websites we design and build are able to adapt and grow, enhancing online shopping experiences when our clients need it.

We know from years of experience working with WooCommerce just what is possible and how to meet all kinds of requirements.

When combined with our marketing and advertising experience there is no question we can improve online shopping for everyone.

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