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Portfolio website design and build service

Websites for businesses that do not require specific applications are referred to as portfolio websites. Portfolio website design should present professional information about an individual or a company and showcase their work and services. These types of websites are scalable and usually include a CMS (Content Management System) and a Blog or Latest News feed. For these very reasons, here at Red Thread Creative we choose to design and build websites on WordPress.

What is a Portfolio website?


Using WordPress for your CMS website is an excellent choice.

First and foremost the WordPress CMS allows our clients to easily log into their websites to add or change their content, from publishing blog posts to changing a page title or text.

WordPress websites are also supported by a large network of developers. These developers provide plug-ins that allow seamless website development through the integration of valuable features, turning a basic portfolio website into a fully functioning e-commerce solution for example and much more. This is great if you would like to gradually add services such as paid memberships, online shopping or restricted content.

How many pages should my website have

How many pages should my website have?

A common question that will come up when beginning a new website design project is “how many pages should I have in my website?”

Whether you have one, five, or even a hundred pages, the most important thing is how well the content is communicated to your audience. We call this user-experience or UX.

Determining the page breakdown for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also a major consideration in that your website is structured so that search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google are able to recognise relevant, updated, simple-language content. That means titles should be well considered and the body copy should be easy to read.

Without this level of care going into your website it will be much harder for your portfolio site to work for you and your business. At the very least we recommend that your website be made up of a homepage, an about us page, blog page, an archive page and a contact page.

Content creation for websites can be tough.

You might be able to write a few words on your blog once in a while, but are you saying the right thing or referencing other content within your website and offsite?

Quite often we see clients that have very little idea what to write and need some extra help from us. Here at Red Thread Creative we offer scalable Search Engine Optimisation services that include content creation. We do the research to find performing keywords that work for your business and then we continue by implementing those keywords and keyword phrases within your website. When it comes to content creation we research your specific business sector, seek out appropriate source material and create completely bespoke articles that work with our SEO performance actions.

All of this newly created content gets submitted to Bing and Google as soon as it is published. If requested, we can also provide a set-up for Google Analytics with your WordPress website which can help you to better understand your website’s visitors and how well your structure and content is performing.

SiteGround + WordPress message

Fast reliable hosting will help your portfolio website and your business.

When you go to the effort of investing in a new website it would be a shame to see it just sit there doing nothing. There is an infamous Hollywood movie with the tagline “If you build it, they will come” (you know the one). This reminds us of something similar in the SEO world which says “If you build it, they will do nothing”. Unfortunately the latter quote is only too true. Therefore, for a portfolio website to perform and compete, we need to do much more than just build a beautifully-designed new website. A major but often overlooked consideration is the website’s speed and reliability.

Here at Red Thread Creative we have carefully selected a market-leading provider named Siteground to host all of the websites we design and build. Siteground offer specific hosting and support for WordPress websites. We can also reach them any time of day which means that any  technical issues are resolved very quickly. They also offer scalable hosting levels depending on a website’s demands. With Red Thread Creative’s hosting service, updating and troubleshooting new developments and services is so much easier and safer. It also allows us to place any website into staging areas to do this work and test the websites accordingly. We then push the website to the live server and the previous website gets replaced by the new one seamlessly.

If you are interested in a portfolio website, SEO services and content, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting at our Creative Marketing hub located in Bradley Stoke, Bristol to discuss your needs further.

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