Marketing and marketing communications in 2022

From a business perspective in 2022, is there any real difference between ‘marketing’ and ‘marketing communications’? Does my business need marketing or marketing communications? What does each one do? How do they differ, as they seem so similar?

Isn’t ‘marketing’ and ‘marketing communications’ in 2022 the same thing?

Red Thread Creative is a creative marketing communications agency in Bristol. We are sometimes asked, “what is the difference between marketing and marketing communications”. They’re the same thing surely, aren’t they? On the face of it the terms “marketing” and “marketing communications” are often used to describe the same things. Yes, they are strongly related but they are not one and the same thing.

Understanding the difference between marketing and marketing communications

As a business in 2022, you need to have an understanding of the differences between marketing and marketing communications so you can create an effective marketing plan.

So, let’s start with “what is marketing”? Marketing basically refers to the process of developing strategies to engage customers with your product and message. These strategies cover things such as product research, customer profiling, pricing, mapping customer journey, tactics and of course, marketing communications.

Marketing communications (marcoms) guided by a marketing strategy

Marketing communications communicate the benefits of a product or service to the target market guided by the marketing strategy. These often take the form of advertising/media, brand identity, direct marketing, print materials and public relations across various media channels.

The strategy will inform the marcoms plan on value proposition, customer segmentation, promotions and advertising budget. This all takes time and resources but it then makes the whole marketing plan so much more effective.

Red Thread Creative are experts in integrated marketing communications

There is a world of difference between marketing communications and integrated marketing communications. The latter focuses on creating unified, cohesive campaigns that reinforces consistent messaging on every traditional and digital media platform. Creative, integrated marketing communications, ensures that an audience maintains the connection which is then reinforced through each and every touchpoint.

Integrated marketing communication campaigns provide many benefits, including:

  • Memorable brand identity
  • Consistent user experience
  • Greater impact
  • Effective use of budget
  • Staying front of mind
  • Builds trust and confidence

By ensuring all media platforms work together consistently, audiences are continually reminded of the product or service benefits. It alleviates any caution or confusion. This breeds consumer confidence, making purchasing decisions easier and quicker.

Red Thread Creative specialise in business to business marketing communications

If you’re a business service, Red Thread Creative can help you identify what sets you apart from your competition. We then adopt a clear and simple, “make things make sense” approach to all marketing communications. A unique, creative message, delivered through a multi-platform marketing communication campaign. It connects with your audience in a way that simply makes sense to them. It separates you from the competition, making their choice simple, which ultimately impacts on your success

Creative marketing communication that connects with customers

Creative marketing communication is a core service from Red Thread Creative to connect businesses with their customers. Through our many years of marketing communication expertise, we provide businesses with the right message on the right platforms. Customer engagement that will create the best number of business opportunities.

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