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Creative Marketing or Creative Marketing Communications?

From a client business perspective it is important to know the difference between Creative Marketing and Creative Marketing Communications. What do they do? Do I need them? Is there a difference, they feel so similar?

Red Thread Creative is a creative marketing communications and advertising agency in Bristol. We are sometimes asked our opinion on the difference between creative marketing and creative marketing communications.

What is creative marketing?

Well, what is marketing? A lot of time and study is spent perfecting the art of marketing. From a layman’s perspective it is cloaked in mystery and intrigue. Many a marketing executive’s business card bulges with marketing qualification abbreviations to the point where you just daren’t ask any questions and run the risk of appearing a total imbecile.

The simple steps to understanding marketing

In truth, marketing can be broken down into three simple steps. 1. Find out who your customers are. 2. Find out what they want. 3. Sell it to them.

Now, that isn’t meant to demean any of the very valuable marketing services that are out there, such as marketing planning, strategy, CRM, database analysis etc.

Focused marketing and strategy

When you’re dealing with large numbers of prospects it is critical that you focus your efforts and systemise your activity.

Where does creative marketing communication come into the equation?

Put simply, it’s the function that supports the three steps above. Marketing is the ‘art of selling’ and marketing communications provides you with the opportunities to ‘sell’.

A simple marketing communications example

If you’re a retail business looking to find out who your customers are you could enlist the help of a creative agency to provide you with your target demographic. This is based on research of what people in locations and age groups and income brackets consume,  read, drive, watch etc.

If you’re a business service, a creative marketing communications agency can help by providing insight and intelligence to help you identify what sets you apart from your competition; delivering a unique creative message can then be delivered through a multi-platform marketing communication campaign.

Once a business has established who their customers are and what they want, the next step would be to begin a conversation with them.

Creative marketing communication is a core service from Red Thread Creative that will connect businesses with their customers. With our many years of marketing communication expertise, we provide businesses and organisations with the right communication platforms and customer engagement that will create the best number of opportunities to sell.

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