Bespoke product for ecommerce using wordpress

Ecommerce for bespoke, customisable products

In the last few months, online purchasing has gone through the roof and many businesses have had to adapt quickly or face not trading at all. Okay if you’re a ‘one size fits all’ operation but what if your business success is built on bespoke, customisable products? These retailers or manufacturers are still questioning whether their more unique or bespoke offering is something that even has a place within Ecommerce. Yet as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention and therefore many bespoke businesses are now looking to Ecommerce as the answer.


Many bespoke manufacturing or retail businesses have also built up a loyal customer base the old-fashioned way, where personal contact and offering individual solutions to unique challenges are the main reasons for their success. What can Ecommerce offer them?

There are almost too many product addon options to put into this article, however we decided to focus on the most important and sought-after options that vastly improves the customer’s shopping experience.


At Red Thread Creative, we think WooCommerce is amazing at providing a strong platform for selling products or services online. It can do just about anything you can think of in terms of Ecommerce and supporting online sales. However, selling bespoke, customisable products online can be a tricky matter when using any Ecommerce platform, including WooCommerce. While you can apply as many attributes as you like to a product, such as colours, sizes, finishes and also affect the pricing structure for those choices, the process can be quite labour intensive and a bit slow, methodically changing prices individually for many combinations of attributes. This can be speeded up using spreadsheets with a premium WooCommerce import tool, but that too can get extremely frustrating. That‘s why, at Red Thread Creative, we offer our global ‘add-ons’ method. This enables you to add attributes to ranges of products globally; it really is a game-changer, allowing Ecommerce customers to specify and readily obtain accurate pricing when selecting bespoke, customisable products at point-of-purchase.


One of the many features of our customisable platform is a method for online customers to add their own information to the product specification. This could be a unique modification such as how the product will need to work alongside another or accommodate a specific third-party appliance.

Another great feature of our WooCommerce product customisation is that we can add image swatches easily. We love visual communication and being able to add artwork or high quality photography which illustrate product features at point-of-purchase is brilliant for sales.

We have also got you covered when communicating an additional charge if bespoke options are applied to bespoke,customisable products. We are able to set whichever additional charge you wish for the customisation and it gets added to the total price. Even better is that a customer can modify a product and see the subsequent price changes within the shopping basket without having to start purchasing all over again. Customers going back and forth with customisations happens more often than you might think and a good reason for having the list of customisations applied to a product’s basket invoice.

There are many other superb features that we offer within our ECommerce product customisation service. Delivery date picker, check boxes, selection buttons, name your price, image swatches, text boxes, image uploads and calculations are some of the most valuable attributes. Calculations are complex and we could easily write a whole essay on how to use them.


A really cool feature provided within our WooCommerce product customisation is the ability to hide or display any product add-on when specific attributes are selected. This is called conditional logic and we love it. For example, if a customer selects a specific attribute, say a type of product quality such as ‘premium’, this would then reveal a range of options only available to those premium products. A great Ecommerce feature for manufacturing businesses where options can be limited or expanded upon depending on the construction or material quality selected.

This all makes Ecommerce work superbly well for businesses that have a very bespoke, unique offering. It allows them to communicate product variables and combinations of options with the ability to display the impact those customisations will have on the final product price. 

If your business needs a very different, unique Ecommerce solution, give us a call or drop us a line. Our Ecommerce team would love to hear the ECommerce challenges you’re facing and provide the perfect solution.