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Finding UK Web Designers that identify your needs.

UK Web Designers need to prioritise what makes a business unique

When UK Web Designers are first approached by any new client their first instinct is to obtain a written brief from the client, in order to get the ball rolling. A set of instructions that will help them to assess the amount of content-gathering and research needed, as well as determining design, navigation, number of pages etc, so that an accurate quote can be provided in as short a space of time as possible.

What UK Web Designers often fail to understand at this crucial stage however, is that although the new client is asking for a website to communicate their business and services, clients aren’t great at communicating their business themselves. The thing any web designers should get to grips with at an early stage, is figure out what makes their client different to everyone else in their client’s business arena.

To discover this vital ingredient can take some work and will, of course, require an experienced web designer to ask some awkward but simple questions. However, you can expect a blank expression if you enquire “what makes you so different?” So, instead, UK Web Designers should find out who their client’s nearest competitor is and ask, “what do you do differently to (competitor’s name)?”

Discovering what makes any business tick will provide a UK web designer with the reference points for every important online communication, visual or content, on any platform.

UK Web Designers can provide content advice to support all marketing communication platforms and objectives

Most businesses can point UK Web Designers at marketing communications they have developed in their past and have either forgotten why they were created or dismissed them as not effective. In our experience, these marketing communications are usually ‘attempts’, performed in isolation, with a single, short-term goal in mind. It could have been a leaflet drop, newspaper ad or even a Facebook ad. Very little thought would have been given to the customer journey or call-to-action and as a result they probably failed and are placed in the unsuccessful attempt file, the bin!

Experienced web designers will be able to identify past and present marketing materials that still have value for future online communication and advise on how best to use it in conjunction with website development. In fact, there really isn’t any marketing communication these days that should be considered without the website in mind.

A website should act as a portal, a place for your audience to interact with your business, to provide valuable feedback on your offering and help you assess what you’re doing right.

To enable this valuable interaction to take place, UK web designers will help develop page content that has value and relevance for search engine keyword searches. If it isn’t on your website, Google can’t rank you for it.

When any online or offline marketing campaign is delivered to an audience, the website should always have a specific landing page directly linked to it as the first port of call for interaction. The landing page should have content to support and enhance all other marketing platforms and act as a   vector to start or move the customer along the sales journey.

Blog posts are another important tool for web designers to enable search engines to recognise and rank new website content. What search engines are continually seeking out is ‘new’ content that has relevance and value when an audience conducts an online search. Blog post content can quickly and easily be written to ensure website content is refreshed and targets the keywords a website would like to rank for.

Creative Web Designers in Bristol that are able to exceed expectations

Among the many web companies out there, creative web designers in Bristol, such as Red Thread Creative, know how to achieve the Google rankings that make your website visible and also how to keep your audience on-site and navigate them quickly to where you want their interaction. Creative web design that communicates in a visual language and tone of voice that immediately engages with a target audience to establish and develop an ongoing rapport.

UK Web Designers that can integrate Mailchimp

For businesses that want to benefit from regular email contact with their customers, UK Web Designers would recommend they plug into a popular, ready-made platform like Mailchimp. This easy-to-use platform provides users with the ability to integrate regular client communications to opted-in customers and subscribers that have requested to be kept informed of any offers or incentives, or just need to be kept up-to-date with news via email.

UK Web Designers will also recommend Mailchimp as it provides some really useful design tools and templates, for professional looking emails that can be developed without the need for a designer. One of the biggest benefits of Mailchimp is the ability to capture analytics and provide insights, which provides businesses with a clearer picture of what is getting results.

Seek out UK Web Designers that know how to use Google and can leverage Google advertising

UK Web Designers will generally recommend that clients steer clear of expensive Google advertising campaigns and instead, put in the hard graft with valuable content over a period of time to gain long-lasting, organic search engine performance. However, there are many times when Google Ads and their benefits cannot be ignored, especially with E-Commerce.

If Google advertising becomes a justifiably cost-effective route to obtain Page 1 Google ranking, you should employ UK Web Designers that are experienced in creating Google ad campaigns within Google parameters and constraints so that they perform really well. Google will only display your ads if the content is relevant to a variety of search parameters, so reaching the desired audience and delivering valuable performance with analytics takes creativity and know-how.

Performance data has many benefits and should always be monitored. The cost benefits become obvious when data reveals that within the 1000 products you are advertising, the most popular ad, which can often be given the biggest budget, is not delivering the most sales. With the right data in hand, you can direct your budget daily to make it more cost-effective.

At Red Thread Creative we also provide our clients with access to alternative, E-Commerce Google Ad platforms such as Google My Business to deliver greater customer interaction and Google Merchant Centre for easy-comparison Shopping Ads to a targeted audience.

Experienced UK Web Designers can show you how to manage your social media

Many large businesses need proper, regular management of their social media channels for a wide variety of reasons. Consequently, many will employ social media managers in order to develop a strategy for getting the most benefit, whether that’s online conversations to develop a wider audience, brand awareness, customer interaction on distributed content or simply as a sales funnel.

Most medium-sized to small businesses, however, simply don’t have the internal manpower and will therefore look to their web designers to fill the gap. In these instances it becomes a collaboration,  with the website design agency integrating social media feeds and the client providing the content for posting.

At Red Thread Creative we like to take this a step further, demonstrating to our clients some simple, regular steps that will really help them manage their social media channels effectively.

If you are in need of a new website that requires any of the elements we have covered in this article, we’d love to hear from you.

As one of the leading teams of creative web designers in Bristol, Red Thread Creative have the experience to understand that it isn’t just about designing web pages or an online presence but to develop a unique two-way digital platform that delivers a client’s message to create the level of interaction that achieves the goals.

A Bristol website designer that gives you the controls

At Red Thread Creative we believe that when a client asks a Bristol website designer for a new website, the CMS or Content Management System can sometimes be overlooked along with the vast potential client benefits this provides.

Any WordPress website comes with very useful, pre-packaged content-management modules which provide website owners with the back-end functionality to publish new content and web pages within their website structure. Red Thread Creative’s website team are able to expand on this and develop a customised CMS specifically for a client’s individual needs.

This expertise from a well-respected Bristol website designer puts the control of a website firmly back in the client’s hands, if that’s what requested. Whilst Red Thread Creative is able to perform any website content management for a client, having a bespoke CMS means they can easily do this themselves, without breaking anything or having to pay someone to do it for them

E-Commerce website design Bristol using WooCommerce

Today’s retail business environment is making E-Commerce website design Bristol a priority for so many companies that recognise today’s retailing challenges and are seeking a Bristol website designer to build their platform. Retail businesses need to have very robust and secure E-Commerce platforms in order to compete for today’s customers that totally rely on E-Commerce websites in order to shop.

Red Thread Creative is dramatically improving E-Commerce website design Bristol as we continue to harness the huge advances in software and platform development that WooCommerce provides. Put simply, E-Commerce website design Bristol can be FREE from the shackles of yesterday’s technology under our guidance. 

Yet there are still a vast number of online businesses today with E-Commerce websites that are massively out-dated. Older E-Commerce website design Bristol cannot take advantage of modern software and platform development, they can also sometimes be badly designed and as a result deliver poor user experience, which won’t generate good results. Out-dated website technology also usually means a poor or non-existent website content management system, which can be so frustrating for a client.

At Red Thread Creative we are able to deliver modern E-Commerce website design Bristol much more effectively using the many built-in features provided by WooCommerce. These include customer transaction reports, revenue analytics and shipping. We can also demonstrate how easy it is to edit or add/remove products using the WooCommerce CMS.

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