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Are you looking for a web design agency?

Web design in 2022 will continue to develop and change. You would be surprised how often we come across outdated websites and disgruntled owners, who desperately seek solutions for broken websites that no longer work. Red Thread Creative are based in Bristol and specialise in web design, SEO and IT solutions. We can help protect the future of your website and business online.

Bespoke mobile friendly web design.

2022’s website design should be FREE from the shackles of yesterday’s technology.

More often than not, this is because their developer at the time used systems and standards-compliant coding that have not been regularly updated to meet the requirements for today’s mobile-friendly, cross-platform world.

What they are left with is probably still visible but is effectively broken. The only place to go is to re-build the website from scratch; but how do you avoid falling into the same trap again?

Who do I choose as my web designer?

Sadly, there are too many good looking agencies selling websites, who consistently outsource their work. This often means that the website development team is not even in the UK, offering cut-price services, which often means corners and support are woefully poor quality.

Choosing to have your website made abroad can have serious implications further down the road. Therefore we recommend you seek out a business where you can meet and discuss issues with you. It is important to have the designers and developers that will be building your website at hand.

At Red Thread Creative, we have in-house website designers and developers that you can meet and discuss your business goals with. Our expertise means that the websites we design and build are bullet-proof. The best part of choosing Red Thread Creative as your next web design agency is that we are reachable and dedicated to improving our position. We want to be known as one of the best website development agencies in Bristol.

What can happen if I don’t investigate your next web developer?

We have experience of designing and building ecommerce websites for growing businesses in Bristol. Helping our client’s sell products with ease. However, there are times when we have to deal with a previous developers sub standard work. Almost immediately, our clients’ see how great our offering is and how bad they once had things.

Mobile web design for Linela Embroidery
Linela Shop responsive web design.

An example case study revealed common issues.

During initial website development discussions, the client told us of a very common story of woe. Their previous web design company couldn’t update or develop the website they’d provided. This was because the web designer they hired as a freelancer had built it using unique coding and then decided to quit as a web designer and move abroad.

Desperate and abandoned, the client offered more and more money, but was rejected every time. The agency that built the outdated website simply held up their hands and stated they would have to to start over. This meant a large investment was wasted and left the client with no other choice, either pay up for another website, or find a different web design agency. They took the later option and came to Red Thread Creative for help.

Linela Shop website using an iPad

We were approached by this client and we introduced them to a few scenarios for building a brand new bespoke, ecommerce website and online identity. We told them about WordPress and WooCommerce guaranteeing them that it would be future proofed.

Our new client’s team were introduced to our in-house website developers here in Bristol, who walked them through the concept for their new website. To our surprise the new client seemed thrilled to be sitting down with the people who actually design and build the websites. They actually told us that they’ve never met a website developer before.

The ecommerce website we built couldn’t have gone better and 5 years later we are still helping them to expand their online business and keep their website up to date. If you are interested in checking out the website please follow this link: Linela Embroidery.

As a web design agency in Bristol for 2022.

We know that it is hard to start over with a new web design agency. Paying for a website re-design from scratch is a worst case scenario. Sometimes trying to repair a website that is broken is not an option.

Luckily, people are strong and will always find a way to do what it takes to get the job done. In terms of finding the right website design company, it means doing your research. Red Thread Creative can offer scalable web design solutions for having to start over, making the financial process much more manageable.

Getting advice and asking the right questions.

Ask the right questions of your prospective website designers or web design agency. Do not let those hip hipsters straight out of university wow you with their design skills. Website design needs to be updatable and future-proofed as much as anything else.

So, let’s take a look at what some of the most important questions should be…

How well will my website be supported?

We use top of the line managed website hosting, that provides a reliable service to deliver websites safely. We monitor all website security and maintenance with scalable monthly or yearly services.

Bespoke CMS website design.

What technology is used to build my website in 2022?

We only use WordPress to build completely bespoke websites, we also use WooCommerce for all of our online shopping website. We find the adaptability of both WordPress and WooCommerce are amazing and allow us to provide solutions for just about any scenario. When combined with our skill with SEO tools and Google advertising the future of your website will be very bright.

Will my website last long into the future?

At Red Thread Creative we decided very early on to adopt a workflow that included WordPress, we knew that it provided clients with reliable content management. We have grown as a business with WordPress and it has helped us to delivery many websites to happy clients time and time again.

Do you offer security and maintenance packages?

Yes! Here at Red Thread Creative we offer a 365 day care package that keeps your website updated and working online.

Not only do our servers provide required security, but we also have the option of installing security applications that can block specific countries’ accessing to your website. We can also add ad additional feature like 2 Factor Authentication to your website or ecommerce shop.

If there are any issues with the website at all they are typically remedied within 24 hours of establishing the issue.

SEO keyword tracker.

We’re still passionate about the future of web design into 2022

At Red Thread Creative we are passionate about everything you need to make a success of taking your business online.

We specialise in WordPress development as part and parcel of our marketing communications, dedicating ourselves to businesses around us in Bristol and the rest of the UK.

Check us out and you’ll get an idea that we are very proud of the quality of our work. Whether we are helping a website’s search engine optimisation (after all, we might very well be the best SEO agency in Bristol), or designing a new brand identity. Without question, we deliver or improve everything we put our creative minds to.

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