Seeking a website design agency in 2022 UX UI and Programming development technology.

Seeking a website design agency in 2022 that will secure the future of my website.

Mobile friendly website design in 2022,  free from the shackles of old technology.

Modern website design is constantly improving and evolving to satisfy new trends for 2022 and device technology. However, we still encounter customers seeking to mend an old and broken website that has simply stopped working. This is usually the result of outdated protocols and coding that haven’t been updated for today’s mobile, cross-platform world. What remains is probably still visible but now has the performance of a decaying carcus. Having been left unattended for so long it cannot be brought back to life. The only sensible option is a re-build – but how do you avoid falling into the same trap in 2022?

Choose your website developer wisely UI designer working on website interface
Hands of UI designer working on interface of new website.

Choose your website developer wisely

Unsuspecting customers sometimes end up employing a business that doesn’t have their own website developers. These businesses just “sell” websites and then get any freelance website developer to do the work. Occasionally developers are not based in the same time-zones, with extremely low price points, which often means cutting corners and bad code. This can cause issues in the future when further development is sought after, or when software and technology evolves.

Talk face to face with your website developer
Walking through a demo of your website.

Talk face to face with your website developer

Firstly, seek out a website business where you can meet the developers that will be building your website in 2022. At Red Thread Creative, we encourage clients to meet and discuss their individual needs with our in-house website developers. These approachable specialists are very much part of our core team. Website experts who develop bullet-proof online platforms that are future-proofed for many years to come. They are also a valuable resource for our clients, in person, on the phone, or online whenever needed.

What can happen if you don’t fully investigate what you’re buying Programmer and UX UI designer working on Mobile and website design.
Programmer and UX UI designer working on Mobile and website design.

What can happen if you don’t fully investigate what you’re buying.

We recently designed and constructed a new Ecommerce website for a small but growing business in Bristol. As a result, this client is thankfully now selling products online with ease in 2022. However, a very tangled web had to unravelled first.

At the initial website development briefing, the client described a very woeful and all too common story. Their existing website had started to break down and when they approached the ‘website company’ they got a nasty shock. This website business was unable to update or develop the website they’d provided because they didn’t know how. The freelance web designer they used had built it using unique coding and then disappeared to travel the world. Unbelievable right?

In desperation, the client offered the business more money to solve it but were rejected. They could only hold up their hands and suggest starting again. The client was basically left with the option of either paying this company for another Ecommerce website or find a new provider.

A professional smartphone application design team is designing a new project in a modern office.
Working out mobile web design together.

Find an honest and transparent website design company

After approaching us, we discussed various options for a new bespoke, ecommerce website and online identity. One that used open source code so they wouldn’t be held to ransom in the future. This also meant they could easily update the content themselves through a CMS. We advised them on content, modifying existing texts, whilst we optimised all imagery and pages for search engines and performance.

Company photo editor and photographer working together in office
Photography content can enhance web page design.

Meet your website development team to gain confidence

The client was then introduced in person to our in-house website development team here in Bristol. The design concept was presented along with the Ecommerce functionality. Much to our amusement, they were thrilled to sit down with the people who would design and construct their website. They basically told us that they’d never met a website developer before.

We often come across this scenario and it must be soul destroying for any business to start all over again. Nightmarish to say the least. Luckily, successful businesses will always find a way to do what it takes to get the job done. In terms of finding the right website design company for your needs in 2022, it means doing your research.

Asking the right questions from you web developer Hipster programming team analyzing code of website
Working together to build better websites.

Getting good advice from your website developer and asking the right questions

You should never be afraid to ask questions of your prospective website designers or website design agency. Don’t let those hipsters straight out of university wow you with design skills to pull the wool over your eyes. Modern website development in 2022 must be supported, updatable and future-proofed just as much as well-designed and functional.

So, let’s look at what some of the most important questions you need to ask;

Will my website be supported?

Any reliable website designer should answer yes, at Red Thread Creative all our website’s are maintained and supported with a 365 days a year care package. If the answer is not close to this then you need to look elsewhere.

What technology is used to build my website?

Even if you’re not technically-minded, don’t be scared to ask this question. If your developer cannot explain to you that they use robust, reliable, updateable platforms, you guessed it… look elsewhere.

Will my website have a long lifespan?

This should be simple, “YES!” answer. If your web developers resort to “well we can’t guarantee that”, then look somewhere else. Although websites may only have a reliable life expectancy of just 2.56 years (I know – incredible statistic), there are many factors to consider. Fact is, the software technology that builds your website should last well into the future. If technologies change, then your website should be able to adapt with them.

Can I buy a hosting, security and maintenance package?

The answer should always be ”Yes”! “Absolutely”! Websites are complex and their ongoing performance is key. At Red Thread Creative we provide a 365-day care packages that keep your website updated and performing well. This also includes high-quality, fast, secure hosting with back-up routines. If there are any issues with your website, they will be remedied within 24 hours.

Professional development programmer cooperating meeting programm
Professional web development team working together.

Website design with a passion

Our website design team are simply passionate about helping clients make a great success of taking their business online in 2022.

We are WordPress development specialists, creating bespoke websites that play a crucial role in any business’s marketing communications. We provide both retail and service businesses with unique and  engaging websites. We also support them with a full spectrum of in-house creative services from brand identity to photography and video.

Check us out and we’re sure you’ll see how very proud we are of the quality of our work. From helping with search engine optimisation (after all, we might be the best SEO agency in the South West) to creating a new brand identity. Without question, we really deliver on everything we put our creative minds to.Contact us now for any website design requirement.

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