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Self-promotion for new businesses

With many start-up issues to be dealt with, self-promotion for new businesses generally takes a back seat while Directors focus on initial turnover and profit in an attempt to secure a sound financial footing for future growth. Shortage of time, lack of personnel and prioritising ‘business’ are just a few reasons that businesses fail to promote themselves in their early days. It’s a very sad statistic but most new businesses fold in their first twelve months, even those with incredible products or services.

There are many challenges that new businesses face such as cash-flow, contracts, overheads etc but a very basic, simple element that new businesses fail to address is promoting themselves enough.

Self promotion within the workplace.


Any newly-created business might argue that until they have succeeded for a period of time they don’t have the evidence or promotional content that is good enough to make it worthwhile or effective. This is simply crazy. Self-promotion for new businesses is simply a case of looking at the evidence and packaging it in a way so it appeals to potential customers without giving away your trade secrets. Lots of new businesses often appear much bigger or older than they actually are. It’s all about perception.

That said, even brand new businesses already have promotional or marketing content. Reasons why their audience should sit up and take notice:

  1. What are the reasons you started in the first place. Filling a gap in the market perhaps?
  2. What can you deliver that your competitors will struggle with?
  3. What do you do as a new entrant that allows you to win ‘big’? Adopting newer technology?
  4. How do your customers benefit from your offering?
  5. Remember, you’re the new kids on the block and about to take your industry by storm.
  6. Your first customer is a ‘success’ – don’t be afraid to point it out

The list goes on.


Many new businesses fail to realise that even though they are new, untried or untested, they have a massive amount to shout about. Indeed, self-promotion for new businesses can be just as effective as industry incumbents if delivered in the right way.

It isn’t difficult and it doesn’t need to cost anything to take the first steps these days. Simply setting up a Google account, which will provide you with an online presence and a location on Google maps takes minutes and costs nothing. This will also provide a platform for your customers to provide Google reviews, which can present terrific testimonials for you online.

You will also need to invest in a website. Red Thread Creative has delivered successful, cost-effective websites for start-ups as well as growing businesses. We would probably state that we enjoy sharing the journey more in creating self-promotion for new businesses because there is nothing better than unearthing the gold nuggets of a new business offering and watching it develop and take flight.

Even small businesses can look at getting help with promoting their services.


With over twelve years experience, Red Thread Creative can guide new businesses where to source promotional and marketing content as they progress. Regular content updates are so important for promotional and online platforms including social media. We’ll also help package that content to maximise its effectiveness.

If your business has just taken it’s first steps and you’re looking now to grow, contact Red Thread Creative for a no-obligation chat about how we can help your self-promotion.