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Successful advertising for SMEs in 2022

To develop successful advertising for small to medium sized businesses in 2022, first understand that ads aren’t magic wands. Sorry to start on such a negative but an ad, on its own, won’t transform your business overnight. I’ve lost count of the number of SMEs who tell me “we tried that but it didn’t work”. This usually results from someone being sold a single, cheap, last-minute advertising space and then expecting floods of calls. Advertising for small to medium sized businesses will work extremely well in 2022 but only when built on solid strategy.  

Building a solid strategy for advertising success

Small to medium sized businesses (SMEs), should start any ad campaign by building a solid strategy to increase advertising success. Determining key criteria will give your advertising the best opportunities to perform effectively and the best chance of success. Creative ideas and designs are great for getting your message across but to make advertising successful it must be effective.

The key components to successful advertising for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in 2022 are;

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Define your 2022 advertising objective?

It may seem obvious but small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) first need to ask what they want to achieve. Therefore, define your 2022 advertising objective. There may be one simple goal in mind. There could be many – product awareness, brand building, new memberships, increase sales, increase footfall to your premises. Defining your objective will really help you to focus on the message and your audience call-to-action.

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Who are your audience and what do they want?

Determine who your target audience/demographic are and build a profile of your ideal customer. Their age and income bracket. What is their gender and behavioural interests plus anything else that applies to your offering. What advertising channels are they most exposed to? What is it they want or need that you can provide for them?

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Analyse your competition.

If you want to succeed when advertising for small to medium sized businesses in 2022, you must do your homework. Get to know your competitors? What do they offer? What is their attraction? What advertising platforms do they use? You can then establish how you can do different or better.

Ensure your ad competes well for audience attention. 

This can be a tricky area for SMEs as larger competitors often pay for premium ad position at premium rates. Lengthy contract agreements with media houses can then lock-out anyone else seeking that space. This is where an Advertising Agency like Red Thread proves it worth. Relationships we have built with media houses over many years, allow us to negotiate better rates, positions and contract agreements. We will also be first port-of-call for publishers when premium spaces become available or when ‘offers’ are made. We also deliver successful advertising for small to medium sized businesses by selecting the right channels for the budget available. Audience reach will always be a critical factor for advertising success.

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Once the media space is established, successful advertising for small to medium sized businesses comes down to message. It is absolutely paramount advertising communicates simply, clearly and frequently, your answer to your audience’s needs. Your ad should always be designed to grab audience attention and help them easily understand your offering over competitors. Also ensure that the call-to-action is clear and unmistakable. Advertising is simply one step in a customer’s journey, so make the next action your audience should take very obvious.

Establish an effective budget.

Small to medium sized businesses often have a dilemma with what budget is available and what they need to spend. There are also many factors that will influence the final budget figure needed. The most important factor for most advertising campaigns is cost-per-conversion (CPC). If your media platform reaches 10,000 of your audience with £1K spent, resulting in 100 sales, the CPC was £10. If your profit on a single sale is just £5, you have a very ineffective campaign. Media costs, circulation, audience reach, timeframe, availability, message repeat, response rates and residual performance are all factors to consider.

For any credible advertising campaign, the budget should allow a schedule for ad frequency, an important element for audience memorability. Your target audience will become familiar with your message when they encounter your ad repeatedly over time.

Choose the right advertising agency to ensure your 2022 campaigns succeed

An experienced advertising agency like Red Thread Creative, will help you establish what it will take for success in 2022. You’ll be able to leverage our many years of providing successful campaigns for various organisations on many media platforms. Our creativity speaks for itself but what is crucial is our ability to combine that creativity with cost-effectiveness. Creativity will help you stand out and get you noticed but cost-effective planning and buying will build your profit.

If your business needs help with making advertising more successful and cost-effective, then please get in-touch. Simply complete our short online contact form or email Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have an informal chat, then please call 0117 9074651, we’d love to hear from you.

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