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The Best SEO Company in Bristol 2022?

Search Engine Optimisation is the buzzword among businesses that are trying to perform better online.

It is a complicated business that we actually enjoy getting stuck into. Nothing compares to watching the statistics improve as we solve website technical issues and improve website content.

Everyone would like to rank better on Google (ranking refers to your website’s position on Google), seeking a position on page one. The problem is that many people make the common mistake of not understanding what search engine results actually mean. Your website might rank well for one word but not have a ranked position for another.

There are so many factors to consider. For example, your e-commerce website might have a great position for the keywords ‘Construction Supplies’, but what you didn’t realise is that search results are only being seen for the keywords ‘Building Supplies’.

Those example keywords have a subtle difference which is huge in terms of website SEO performance and how many people find your business online.

The Search Engine Optimisation services offered by Red Thread Creative.

SEO technical issues

First we look at whether your website is registered with Google and Bing, then complete our checklist of the technical aspects of your website, making sure that there are no immediate issues that prevent the further development of content SEO.

Whilst checking the technical aspects of your website we also look at mobile responsiveness and speed.

If we discover websites that take a long time to load in a browser we look at ways to speed them up.

We work with leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) companies that specialise in delivering website files and content faster. MAXCDN, CLOUDFLARE.

Today every website must be mobile friendly, this means that your website not only scales to a mobile device, but it is actually modified to follow fundamental rules of Mobile Friendly SEO; optimised images, having the correct amount of padding on buttons, or larger font sizes on mobile phones to mention just few of the elements that you need to consider.

Research on SEO keywords

Knowing the important words on your website might seem to be quite straightforward, however, figuring out the subtle differences between the popularity of one word or synonym compared to another can be quite different. These important vocabulary issues are referred to as the ‘keywords’ where SEO is concerned.

We will create a list of SEO keywords, either taken directly from your website, or based on your industry. These keyword lists are also compared to results taken from Bing and Google SEO in order to find the best performing vocabulary and phrases that produce clicks. Our ultimate goal is to improve your website ranking position for searches organically, without any Adwords investment. After all, an Adword campaign only works as long as the monthly budget. Organic SEO is always working for you.

Once the performing keywords and phrases are chosen we integrate them into your website pages. This is done by either re-writing existing content or injecting the keywords. Each page on your website is also given a title and description. We make sure that individual pages are better structured to the specific keywords that work for that page.

What is Organic SEO?

Basically there are two ways to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimisation, either paid or organic. The paid for method is done by paying Google for an Adwords campaign, or paying a company to run an online advertising campaign for you. The SEO we provide is organic, which means that we deliver what the search engines are looking for within your website’s content that serves your visitors.

Using Adwords can become expensive and it can absorb as much money as you can throw at it without any maximum budget. We know first hand that organic SEO is achievable. So you can rest assured that you do not need to hand over buckets of money to Google. Instead, you should invest in Red Thread Creative’s website SEO and receive from us, far better management of your website’s search engine performance.

An example of Organic SEO

You can see below a screenshot of our tracking tool data on a targeted keyword for Red Thread Creative.

After recently publishing our new website we have gradually focused on our own website SEO. The graph really speaks for itself. We now outperform our competitors on our chosen keyword, in this case a search phrase that targets ‘marketing communication services Bristol’. Change any word in a keyword or phrase and you have a new metric to perform for. That’s what makes website SEO so demanding but such a valuable service when done well.

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