Using WordPress is great.

Here at Red Thread Creative we are proud to say that we base all of our website design on WordPress. We not only keep up with the times and changes in website design and development, we also look into it’s future. Which means we can future-proof your website for longer.

Websites actually have a shelf life and on average it is shorter than you might think. Have a guess first and then check below the following image for our answer.

Well, I wonder if you guessed correctly. According to a consensus between focus groups the average lifespan of a website is only 2.6 years.

We regularly see websites that are between four and five years old, which are completely outdated. This is a major issue if you want to succeed online.

When it comes to improving website design, we optimise our code, images and hosting. Everything that improves the life of your business’s online presence is considered.

The longevity of the websites we develop is a major concern at Red Thread Creative and we ensure that any website we build can grow and adapt to changes in website development.

WordPress’ popularity is still growing…

WordPress already powers a considerably large percentage of the websites online today. It is regularly modified and updated and consistently overcomes new challenges in online security and optimisation requirements. In short WordPress is good when in the right hands.

The best website content management system around…

If you’d like to be able to update your website without having to pay a web developer, then you’ve probably considered a content management system or CMS for short. WordPress’ CMS is easy to use and very logical. This means that our clients can access their websites to add or change as much content as they like.

WordPress makes website design improvements all the time…

The folks over at WordPress regularly update the core system with improvements every year, making it easier for you to add dynamic content.

One of the most amazing features with WordPress is how well it is supported internationally by developers. This literally opens up a world of opportunities, like e-Commerce for example, helping you to sell products online, process payments and shipping in absolutely every conceivable, practical way.

WordPress is supported by many major industry leading companies. Some of our favorites are WooCommerce, iThemes, and Envato Marketplace.

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