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Web Design Bristol in 2022

As Bristol based web designers we prioritise what makes a business unique

When web designers are first approached by any new client their first instinct is to obtain a written brief. A set of instructions that help them to assess the amount of content-gathering and research needed. This also helps determine design, navigation, number of pages etc, so that an accurate development quote can be provided.

Business owners aren’t always great communicators though. Written briefs from clients often have that bit of magic missing, the essence of why their business is unique. Therefore, one of the first things any web developer should establish in 2022, is what makes this business different. Technologically, website design and development is moving on rapidly and user experience is beginning to challenge brand identity. This often means that Web Design agencies focus solely on design mechanics, the bells and whistles, pushing the business’s personality to one side.

It takes hard work to discover this vital ‘brand personality’ ingredient and requires an experienced web designer to ask the right questions. However, you might get a blank expression if you just came out with, “so, what makes you so different?” Instead, your UK web designers should do their research. What are the business success factors? Why do their customers go to them and not their competitors? How do they see their offering develop in the next five years in response to current opportunities? What will they do differently to their competitors in 2022?

Discovering what makes any business tick will provide any UK web designer with the creative reference points to deliver a totally bespoke website. As one of the leading teams of creative web designers in Bristol, Red Thread understand that bespoke websites aren’t just well-designed web pages or an online presence. It’s developing a unique, interactive digital platform, that delivers a brand message to create activity that achieves the goals.

Photography Ideas Creative Occupation Design Studio Concept
Creative marketing design studio.

We can provide website content and advice

At some point, businesses will point their web designers at creative references, marketing communications they have produced in their past. In our experience, these are often sporadic marketing communications or ‘attempts’ performed in isolation. It could have been a leaflet drop, newspaper ad or even a Facebook ad. Very little thought would have been given to brand, strategy, customer journey, or call-to-action. These attempts very often fail as a result, subsequently filed in the bin. They can however become a distraction for an inexperienced web designer if allowed to.

Experienced web designers will only seek content that provides value towards their end goal of a unique, bespoke website in 2022. At Red Thread we will always advise our clients accordingly. There may be some historic, existing material available but it must integrate well with any new website development. Once the new website is launched, marketing output and message consistency must all revert to the new platform. The new website should become the engine for all future marketing communications and as such, will refer content for any activity. In fact, there isn’t really any marketing communication in 2022 that should be considered without the website in mind.

Any new website in 2022 should act as an interactive portal, allowing your audience to communicate with your business. This provides valuable feedback on your audience perception and your offering and will help you assess what you’re doing right.

Davan Keyword Phrase tracker Responsive Device Mockup
Davan keyword phrase tracker.

Hire us to help with Keyword research

To enable this valuable interaction to take place, we develop page content that has value and relevance for search engines. If it isn’t on your website, Google can’t rank you for it.

When any online or offline marketing campaign is delivered to an audience, the website should also have a specific landing page for that activity. The landing page content can then support the relevant marketing activity and move the customer along the decision/sales journey.

Don’t be put off by blogging. It is still effective

Blog posts are a great tool for establishing new website content, which enables search engines to recognise and rank. Search engines are continually seeking out ‘new’ content, that has relevance and value for audiences. Blog post content can quickly and easily be written and optimised for keywords and phrases. After time, blog posts can also help to establish a website as an authority which can result in regular audience visits and popularity. A simple but effective measure to ensure that websites remain relevant and fresh.

If you need us to create website content for you we can. We have an excellent creative team and we’ll share our content expertise using Adobe and platforms such as Envato Elements.

AllPower website page designs.

Creative web designers in Bristol that are able to exceed expectations

Among the many web design companies out there, we are established, creative web designers in Bristol. Red Thread Creative have proven expertise in achieving great Google ranking positions for our clients. We develop bespoke websites and make them visible. Creative web design which communicates in a visual language that immediately engages with your target audience. We also know how to keep your audience engaged and on-site by combining great design and user experience.

Mailchimp website integration.

UK web designers working with Mailchimp

For businesses that want to benefit from regular email contact with their customers, we would recommend they plug into a popular, ready-made platform like Mailchimp. This easy-to-use platform provides clients with the ability to integrate regular client communications to opted-in customers and subscribers.

Mailchimp provides some really useful design tools and templates for professional looking emails. One of the biggest benefits of Mailchimp is the ability to capture analytics that provide audience insights. Analytics provides businesses with a clear picture of what website content is getting results and where changes can be made.

Google My Business Insights 2022

Seek out a web designer in Bristol that knows how to use Google

UK web designers will generally recommend that clients steer clear of expensive Google advertising campaigns that appear top of page 1. Organic page ranking can take longer but once achieved, can deliver better results. However, there are many times when Google Ads and their benefits cannot be ignored, especially when competing for Ecommerce.

If Google advertising becomes a justifiable route to obtain a page 1 search result, you should employ a Bristol based web designer that is experienced with Google ad campaigns.

Learning from Google Ads data

Insights from performance data has many benefits and should always be monitored. The cost benefits become obvious when data reveals that, within the 1000 products you are advertising, the most popular ad, is not delivering the most sales. There could be many reasons for this, including competition, but with the right data in hand, you can direct your budget daily to make it more cost-effective.

At Red Thread we also provide our clients with access to alternative, Ecommerce Google Ad platforms such as Google My Business to deliver greater customer interaction and Google Merchant Centre for easy-comparison Shopping Ads to a targeted audience.

Blenheim photography business meeting room
The Blenheim meeting room.

A marketing communication agency can manage your social media

As you browse our website, you’ll see that Red Thread is not only a web design agency. We are also a full-service, creative marketing communications power house. Many businesses require regular management of their social media channels for a variety of reasons. Consequently, many will employ social media managers to develop a strategy for getting the most benefit from social platforms. It can lead to a variety of online interactions with a much wider audience. Brand awareness, audience engagement, feedback on product, or simply as a sales funnel.

At Red Thread we offer a more affordable solution than a dedicated, social media marketing agency. Working intensively with Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest our approach is always delivering engaging, creative content. This in-turn, will multiply the number of followers, increasing your brand awareness and building your customer base.

Send your blog posts to social media

Most small to medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the internal manpower to integrate website blogs and social media. They will instead look to a full-service creative marketing agency to fill the gap. This often requires collaboration between a website design agency and a marketing agency, with the client proposing the content for posting.

Hanham Hall office for Red Thread Creative
Hanham Hall office for Red Thread Creative.

At Red Thread we like to take this a step further and demonstrate that with some regular steps, we can help them manage their social media channels more cost-effectively.

Bespoke website CMS using WordPress

WordPress websites come with some very useful, pre-packaged, content-management modules which provide the back-end functionality to publish new pages and content. Red Thread’s web design team are experts in WordPress and can expand on this by developing a bespoke, customised CMS, developed specifically for a client’s individual needs.

A Bristol web design agency that gives you the controls

Whenever a Bristol website designer develops a new website, the Content Management System must also be bespokely-developed because of the many huge client benefits it provides.

This expertise from a well-respected Bristol website designer puts the website control firmly back in the client’s hands, if that’s what required. Whilst Red Thread is able to perform any website content management for a client, having a bespoke CMS means the client can easily do this themselves, without breaking anything or having to pay someone to do it for them.

Mobile web design for Davan Shop
Ecommerce web design for Davan Caravans.

Ecommerce web design Bristol using WooCommerce

Today’s online retail business environment is making Ecommerce website design Bristol a priority. Retail businesses in 2022 need to have very robust and secure E-Commerce platform to get results.

As an extension to WordPress, we build professional, bespoke, mobile-first, secure Ecommerce online shops, backed up with an easy-to-use content management system, using WooCommerce.

With our professionally constructed Ecommerce solutions, you can easily manage stock, change prices, add new products yourself and shipping, all without a problem.

We also support our Ecommerce websites with in-house, cost-effective, professional product photography, providing high-quality, optimised imagery.

Don’t wait to upgrade your website

Red Thread is dramatically improving Ecommerce and web design in Bristol. We continue to harness the huge advances that WordPress and WooCommerce provides. Put simply, Ecommerce and web design in Bristol can be free from the shackles of yesterday’s technology under our guidance. There are still a vast number of online businesses today with websites that are not up to date. Outdated websites cannot take advantage of the latest software and platform developments. Old websites are often poorly built, which results in bad user experiences, that simply won’t generate results. At Red Thread we deliver modern Ecommerce and web design with targetted, cost-effective marketing communications to support it.

Take advantage of our online expertise and experience by getting in-touch through our short and simple online contact form or email Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have an informal chat, then please call 0117 9074651, we’d love to hear from you.

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