web design in Bristol

Web design in Bristol that lasts longer

Here at Red Thread Creative Marketing Communication we believe web design in Bristol should last longer. Every web design has a lifespan and recent surveys suggest that the average website lifespan is only 2.6 years. With that in mind, it would be too costly for many people to start over every few years.

One of the reasons we use WordPress is because the platform is consistently monitored and improved according to current trends and requirements. WordPress powers a huge percentage of websites that are online today and with that comes a big responsibility to keep it working.

Because of this popularity, WordPress is supported by a huge community of WordPress developers who make adding services and applications possible. This gives Red Thread Creative more flexibility to offer many services that would normally be out of reach for most clients. Affordable and customisable services can range from conventional e-commerce websites with parcel tracking and shipping, online shopping with customisable reward discounts, membership websites, websites that help you to take bookings and many more.

Most businesses don’t think about the life of their website and generally imagine them to last forever, perhaps due to the investment made. Many website developers also fail to warn their clients about the potential pitfalls of publishing and running a website. Quite often the website support and maintenance just isn’t there. Red Thread Creative offer complete website design maintenance and support, it is a kind of insurance that your website will never become out of date or broken. If third party software or extensions become unsupported we replace them and keep you website working well past its lifespan date.

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