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What are the business benefits an advertising agency provides?

Smart businesses that investigate fully the business benefits an advertising agency provides, understand that in order to grow, advertising and marketing performance are essential for success. However, spending money on advertising is one thing, getting results is another. Creating effective, multi-faceted advertising campaigns in today’s multi-platform world with increasingly diverse audiences is a real challenge.

Additionally, without an internal marketing department, the majority of growing businesses would not have the resources and skills to manage an effective advertising campaign. Hiring an experienced, creative advertising agency to make an advertising budget work effectively would be the most practical and successful plan of action.

What are the important elements an advertising agency provides?

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Working with a creative advertising agency.

Essentially, an advertising agency provides a group of creative individuals, teamed-up with marketing professionals and analytical experts to develop unique, creative solutions which connect with enough of your target audience in order to achieve the set goals within a given timeframe. Quite a statement – and a huge challenge for businesses to achieve without the right level of expertise.

That’s where an advertising really proves its worth. They have specialised knowledge developed over many years, investing in their creative team and working with different marketing strategies to know which ones work best, so that you don’t have to. Their goal is always to ensure that your message is delivered in the right place, at the right time and in the right voice, so that your target audience connects with your brand and message.

Employing an agency also makes them accountable for their advertising proposals. If results are not going to plan, you can question their strategies and find other solutions, which might even mean changing teams entirely. In-house employees cannot be treated in quite the same way.

An advertising agency should provide experience. Whether that comes from within your industry or outside of it, will depend on what you are seeking. You may want a team that knows your industry inside out and won’t have to take any time learning about your niche audience. Alternatively, you may want an agency that can look at the challenges you face from a completely fresh perspective, without any bias or baggage, leading to surprising new ideas.

Most agencies will have the benefit of working within multiple business arenas, often in different cities around the country. This helps them to experience what solutions work really well in helping a business succeed with their advertising and which ones to avoid.

Are there any hidden, added benefits of using an advertising agency?

Team Meeting in a creative advertising office
Team Meeting in a creative advertising office.

One of the hidden, added benefits of using an advertising agency is the advice they provide that ensures your advertising gets results. Experienced advertising agencies know that for a campaign to be effective, the message needs to be simple. Instinctively, an agency creative team will focus on a product or service USP (Unique Selling Proposition). From a consumer perspective, what is it that makes the difference, the reason they should sit up and take notice? Therefore, their advice on message will be a major benefit. All too often, businesses brief advertising agencies on the actual product or service, when the end-user is really only concerned with the benefits.

Advertising agencies will also happily perform market research to get to the real issues that a business faces, which can often see advertising campaigns change focus in order for them to be effective. An interesting and often unexpected insight that is gained from market research is that of customer perception. How customers perceive your product or business can often be a big surprise and differ wildly from what you assumed it was.

Another hidden benefit is that an experienced advertising agency is able to look at all the issues objectively and will probably suggest opportunities that may never have been previously considered. Working with an advertising agency will often open your eyes to a variety of potential solutions you’ve never even considered.

You can get on with the business of growing your business.

Can an advertising agency save a business money?

Yes, in more ways than you think. Hiring an advertising agency might seem, at first, to be out of the question if you have a small budget. However, firstly, advertising agencies receive discounted rates from media houses and this saving will often offset agency fees. Agency expertise on media placement can also stretch a small budget.

Advertising agencies will also deliver creative work that is completely original, that doesn’t infringe anyone’s copyright. Very often, businesses seeking cost-cutting material using faceless, online providers fall fowl of copyright law, which not only means expensive compensation claims but they will also have to start all over again.

Advertising agencies also carry Indemnity Insurance against any issues arising from work they create that results in financial penalties for their clients. This usually provides millions of pounds of cover.

Lastly, by employing an advertising agency, you won’t have the expense of employing your own personnel to look after your marketing and advertising. Instead, you can get on with the jo b of running your business and watching it grow. If you’re seeking the above advertising agency benefits, contact Red Thread Creative by calling 0117 9074651 or email us at We’re a pretty friendly, accommodating bunch and an informal chat costs nothing. It could even be the start of something very special

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