Radio Advertising - total-audience awareness campaigns.

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Somerset Road Safety

Somerset Road Safety had gathered data from a significant number of road traffic collisions over the years, which indicated that specific road safety issues were likely to peak during certain months.

Clocks changing late Autumn, created darker mornings which caused cyclist and pedestrian visibility issues.

Spring saw a definite increase in motorcycle collisions while increased drink-driving occurred during the Christmas and New Year period but also in high Summer with barbecues, to name just a few.

With the help of Red Thread Creative and Heart FM, Somerset Road Safety achieved a remarkable audience reach and airtime exposure

The Radio Advertising Challenge

"How to make our budget work hardest for us and hopefully deliver a reduction in casualty statistics across all road-user groups was of utmost importance, explained Richard Fairhurst, Principal Officer: Education, Training, and Publicity."


"Although Red Thread Creative had previously delivered successful media campaigns for us on numerous platforms, from outdoor posters to bus rears and previous radio campaigns, they really needed to demonstrate to us that, our decision to place as much of our annual budget as we could at their disposal, would give us creative, memorable messages, keen negotiation of media rates and ensure that awareness of road safety issues would reach each road-user group over a full twelve months."


Effective targeting, availability and minimum wastage were the governing factors that pushed the decision towards radio as the best platform. As Dennis Hatcher, Managing Director of Red Thread Creative explains, “when evaluating the main criteria of the brief; the need to communicate different messages over a full year, to different groups, coinciding with specific high incident periods, meant that radio would be the most viable platform”. Dennis continues, even with a medium-sized budget, radio as a platform can provide terrific cost-effectiveness. With radio, we can negotiate with longer period commitments, and also purchase large chunks of airtime at vastly reduced rates, obtaining maximum, peak-time exposure into the bargain”.

With a requirement for County-wide exposure, Heart FM Somerset would provide the broadcast transmission, having achieved Rajar figures that indicated an audience far exceeding that of their competitors.

Red Thread Creative, Somerset Road Safety, and Heart FM all worked together to maximise the impact of the year-long campaign. Red Thread Creative, working closely with client expertise and guidance, created eleven, impactful and memorable 30-second scripts, whilst Heart Somerset organised the recordings, licensing and scheduling so that the full 12-month campaign could be signed off and simply left to run.


Somerset Road Safety's Principal Officer Richard Fairhurst concludes, 'with the help of Red Thread Creative and Heart FM, Somerset Road Safety achieved a remarkable audience reach and airtime exposure, with at least one message on-air every day for most of the year.

Given that this project’s budget allocation was a large proportion of the budget for the year, we placed our trust in Red Thread Creative to provide creative, memorable road safety messages to all our road-user groups at times when they were most needed.

We were delighted with the resultant campaign and the amount of exposure it received. A significant success factor was members of the public giving us unprompted positive feedback at various public events we attended, indicating how memorable and valuable this road safety awareness campaign became."