Improving credibility and consistency

In today’s fast-paced, multi-platform media world, confusion and dis-information can often feel like the norm. For businesses that need to demonstrate credibility and deliver consistency however, it is so important that their marketing communications are of one-voice on every channel where they appear.

A creative agency that responds quickly to client needs

Things can change rapidly in business, especially in a fast-paced retail or e-commerce environment where supply and demand, product specification or price changes can have significant impact on business performance if marketing communications do not keep pace. There is also a lot of value in having creative and visual consistency across all communication platforms to support business credibility and customer confidence. Also, if potential customers see different or inconsistent product information when viewing marketing communications on different platforms, they will simply switch-off and potentially be lost to a competitor. This can be very damaging to an honest, trustworthy business with a loyal customer base. This is where Red Thread Creative’s full-service expertise can make a massive difference to a client with multi-platform media exposure.

Firstly, the client has just one set of instructions that can be communicated to a single point-of-contact. Secondly, the creative design can be amended once and then updated consistently across all online and offline channels at precisely the same time, ensuring there is no damage to customer relationships or business credibility. This can be especially important to businesses such as dealerships that have a strong online presence and a loyal, local customer base but are within a short distance of their competitors.

Customers, even very loyal ones, become suspicious and sometimes resentful when important information such as pricing or specification is inconsistent and often switch allegiance as a result, destroying years of relationship-building. It also helps tremendously when graphic design that supports an offer visually, can be seen consistently across multiple channels. Red Thread Creative is a full-service creative marketing communications agency that prides itself on delivering a high-quality, consistent and very responsive service to all it’s clients. The team works as one to ensure that any visual design and message can be carried consistently on any traditional or new media platform and that communication changes are implemented without delay across the board.

marketing communication and responding quickly to client changes

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