Website design should not only look good…

Website design is complex and should not be based solely on a nicely drawn design. What we mean by website design encompasses every aspect of design and performance, from technical aspects and user experience to visual design.

Having a great web design fills you with tremendous pride. That will quickly fade however, should you discover that the website is not working well across all browsers.

There are a large number of reasons why websites do not perform well. Quite often it is simply due to the developers not being terribly concerned with how well their websites compete for business online.

At Red Thread Creative we are dedicated to making websites that not only look great but are built to help businesses succeed online. Please read our article on

Website speed is as important as good web design.

We make sure that our websites are fast. That means, amongst the many tasks we wont go into here, we optimise the code that we use. We optimise the images used and we use high-quality, fast, reliable hosting.

What is hosting anyway?

In order to view a website online, it needs to be held on a server. This is called hosting and if you think it is cheap, think again. Depending on the requirements and popularity of your website, you could end up spending anywhere between 80 to 3000 pounds and upwards per year.

Thankfully not many companies need to spend thousands on hosting. However, it is not cheap if you want good hosting to support your website performance. We will always recommend fast, reliable hosting that supports your platform, which in our case is WordPress.

With years of website design and hosting experience we know who to trust…

We have years of experience working with various hosting providers and after lots of trial and error we’ve found one hosting provider that covers all the bases and whom we love to work with.

Web Hosting

If you are looking to improve your website’s google ranking position you might consider upgrading your website’s hosting provider.

Red Thread Creative can help you by managing your website’s hosting.

We can easily migrate your website to our fast, high-performing hosting provider and even manage your email requirements along with that hosting.

Please contact us with any questions regarding website design and hosting.

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